Golf ball ‘alignment technology’…GIMMICK or great idea?! | Golfalot Equipment Feature


In this video, professional golfer Sophie Walker takes a very close look the new golf ball alignment aids that have hit the market in 2020 to find out whether they are a gimmick or actually a great idea to help your putting.

She features the Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track, the TaylorMade TP5x Pix, the Titleist TruFeel and a standard unmarked Titleist ProV1x.

This video was shot at Houldsworth Golf Club.

Do you use golf ball alignment technology when putting? Let us know in the comments below!




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12 thoughts on “Golf ball ‘alignment technology’…GIMMICK or great idea?! | Golfalot Equipment Feature

  1. Sophie, really respect your game and opinion, but I find any alignment aid on a ball distracting. I tend to hit high on the ball if I focus on it. I pick my line, set my putter with no marks on the ball showing and try to hit a single point on the back of the ball.

  2. Definitely feel the alignment aids help. Slows my putting down and assists with reading the greens. I certainly feel I score better using them

  3. Alignment lines are very useful but I think many golfers don't know how to accurately place the line, so it won't do them much good. I'm able to transpose a visible line on my reflective putter shaft between the alignment line on the ball and the cup so its almost like sighting in a rifle. I almost feel like I'm cheating! It does take practice because as you point out if the line is cocked to one side or another it may not be appropriately aimed. I use my own home made device to scribe a line around the perimeter of the ball that's always centered. It takes practice to putt with a line and I understand some people find them distracting, but most of the time getting committed to a starting line leads to a better putt.

  4. I use a Groovefix ball marking tool for putting my own line on a golf ball. It works better, for me, than the plastic tools.
    Enjoyed the video, and Sophie has become a polished presenter. Would have been nice to see the ball rolling so one could see how the end over end roll looks.
    I’ve started aligning the ball even for casual golf – it stops me being too casual/careless about putting.

  5. My putting has been terrible lately, and I've got the stencil out again , and it shows how poor my aim was not using the line on the ball.

  6. Hi Sophie
    What are your thoughts about centre of the ball balancing ie Check Go Pro (CGP) golf ball – i have put an example of all populare bought balls and the line the CGP puts on them is never the same as the line markings on the ball by the manufacturer- the only consistent ball was the TP Pix but the line was a line at right angles to the clear path arrow system!!!
    Thoughts please!!!💪💪💪👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂
    Have you seen the online direct sale ball by OG – see James Robinson vlog🙂🙂🙂
    Also, if you want to align what do think about the Trident – innovation a long side the grips. I am trying to get Edna to do it red!!!🤔😉💪👍🙂

  7. I use the triple track and I it does give me more confidence in my alignment. I just need someone to read the green for me now!

  8. I remember watching something by David Peltz (maybe 15 years ago) using an 'O-ball' idea – essentially creating mutiple parrallel lines at address. He also encouraged drawing lines with a sharpie on a two-ball putter to create something similar to the triple track alignment system between club and ball. I wonder why it took so long for these ideas to come to market? I'm guessing the idea wasn't new when I first saw it!

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