Golf Backswing Stability Lesson

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Golf Backswing Stability Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark helps more golfers through his very popular golf app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This golf lesson is talking about backswing and stability in the backswing for improved golf strikes and golf shots. Play your best golf with Mark’s simple and easy to understand golf tips, lessons and instructional videos.

5 thoughts on “Golf Backswing Stability Lesson

  1. meandmygolf talk about this, the "power k" position, I think they made it clearer than Mark, watch that video if this was a bit confusing

  2. Mark – I definitely do this. Not sure what your saying, should my hips be slightly open at address? I've always kept feet/hips/knee/shoulders parallel to target. Thanks

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