PGA professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of meandmygolf give a swing analysis of a youtube subscriber. They show backswing and weight shift drills to help improve his swing


  1. @meandmygolf

    Hi Guys,

    I've been playing golf for just over a year. I want to have some lessons and I have two pros near me where one uses just video Analysis and the other uses video Analysis and flight scope technology. The latter is £10 per half hour more expensive. My question is, would there be a greater advatage in this and would my golf improve at a quicker rate?.

    I play at least once a week and play off 22 and a club member. I don't want to speak with my club pro as it's somewhat misleading/biased as he would obviously choose the facilities he has.

    Thank you.

  2. Would another good drill for weight shift be hitting shots with your weight on your lead leg, on the toes of your trail leg?

  3. I am right handed but play left handed due to vision problems in my left eye. How much should I use my non dominate side in the swing? Why do right handed players play with the dominate side trailing?

  4. I have both these issues, so it's double stamps day for me. Like the look of the headcover drill.

    I came to these from the crossfield challenge, does he get a cut of future earnings??

  5. Even I have similar problem of weight shift and embarrassingly find my full weight on my back foot at the end of a drive. In fact I get pushed back at times. Will try the drill you suggested. Thanks.

  6. Very nice in addressing one issue at a time, keeping the feedback simple.  I did have a lesson where the pro did describe what should happen with the right foot action, as you did.  Getting weight on the left seems like a super simple action, but it took over a year for me to get it. 

  7. Thanks guys. I have played baseball my whole life and am new to playing golf, that foot motion you are saying not to do looks similar to that of a baseball swing, explains one of the many problems with my game.
    This will help alot. Appreciate it !

  8. Great advise, I have the same problem with my right foot, now I know how to correct it with some simple drills.. cheers guy's

  9. so for the driver you want to keep the shaft of the club pointed at the body longer and for irons you dont want to keep it pointed as long?

  10. You guys do a great job here. The back foot has help me so much and I've noticeably added more distance to all my clubs especially my driver. Starting the down swing and a couple of your transition videos were equally valuable! Once again great job!

  11. I've had an improper backswing since high school and didn't even realize it until now 8 years later.. Helped lots already in just a few swings.. Thank you!!

  12. Great advice guys, as usual. Was wondering if that move back with the left  shoulder will lead to a better weight transfer? My miss is a pull, pull-draw…thanks and keep up the great work.

  13. Everyone talks about power when its consistency that wins. Weight shift leads to consistency and the bonus is power..

  14. Your view on starting the backswing by pulling the right shoulder behind as the first move in tandem with the one piece takeaway would be appreciated. Thanks. John

  15. Great videos you have really helped me as a new young golfer develop. I have a question too, is there a drill to help me stop dipping my front shoulder?

  16. forward weight shift assumes a proper back weight shift has been made. Do you have a drill for those who have difficulty shifting weight to trail foot on backswing?

  17. My problem is consistency. Ball goes left, ball goes right, ball goes nowhere and ball goes where it's supposed too. Your videos impress me. When I get a chance I'll be heading over to the range to try out some of these drills to see if I can fix my assumed many issues.

  18. Moving the left knee away from you on the backswing helps me to turn my hips.     Staying more centered helps me use my legs evenly to turn my hips for the swing.

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  20. Yes thank you from America. I love all of your videos that I've seen I try to integrate what you teach into my swing. But it's a process. 🙂

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