Get a Great Posture With Your Driver

PGA Golf Professionals Andrew Proudman and Piers Ward demonstrate hot to get a great posture with your driver.

14 thoughts on “Get a Great Posture With Your Driver

  1. Great video guys – I thought this was going to be about having the driver in the middle of your stance and then moving it forward (towards the ball ) at address!

  2. I notice it looks like you setup with the ball a bit towards the heel, and then extend during the swing to make center contact. On my balls at the range, I tend to hit a bit to the heel if I setup with the ball in dead center of the club. Are we supposed to setup a bit towards the heel (I'd need about an inch) to allow for that natural extension outwards?

  3. I would recommend that you address the golf ball out the middle of the club face. I would only move it towards the heel if you had trouble striking it out the centre.

  4. I used to do the same club sliding, but back then I struggled with my knees being bent too much at address, so to fix it I started placing my club head just so the tip of the toe was touching the ball, taking my setup from there with my knees locked straight and by unlocking them I was pushing the club so the ball would be in the center of the club head, and that turned out to get my knees being just enough bent for a good set up position.
    Just figured maybe this post will help someone else.

  5. Great video.
    I had real difficulties to not slice with my driver, irons were pretty good tho.
    After this video and couple of more ur clips, i tried to place myself closer to a ball…bravo!! No more 20-30yard slicing, little bend to right is there still but i hope it will be gone after more practice.
    I really have to give you guys a BIG applause, i got my green card last summer and after total of ~10 rounds im under 36 handicapper, all thanks thereof  i have to give it to u guys.. Super videos and great online teaching! 🙂

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  7. My friend is really good at golf and im ok at it. She always has the ball lined up with her front foot when driving, instead of the middle of her stance, does that help?

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