Footjoy DNA Golf Shoes

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Footjoy DNA Golf Shoes reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talk about why he has been wearing the Footjoy DNA golf shoes in many of his latest golf videos. The Footjoy DNA’s feature lots of modern tech and Mark talks about what this could do for your golf game.

50 thoughts on “Footjoy DNA Golf Shoes

  1. I have the ICONs and FJ Sports.  The former look bad ass, but the Sports are awesome.  I'm tough in general on shoes.  I'm 6'5, and 240 lbs. and size 15.  The issue i have with some of these "free" type shoes is that they aren't as supportive as I like.

  2. The Adizero golf shoes are my choice. They have taken over American football and golf's next. These shoes are so light its ridonkulous! Can't go wrong with FJ though.

  3. I honestly do believe that if you reviewed the clothing/footwear/accessory side of golf equipment many people would actually enjoy it, including myself! I don't know, just something to think about (that I would really appreciate)!


  4. Think your club analysis is great, your 3/4 hole videos are really funny – can't get enough of them. Shoes – for me this wasn't that interesting, sorry

  5. looks like they have a steel toe cap  but that may be just the drink talking   but if it fits wear it as 1 would say 

  6. Great video Mark.  Have you seen/used the new Heaven golf shoes?  I would love to hear your thoughts on these things.

  7. Hey, quick question.  I have been wearing the TW13 shoes, now before I was switching from shoes on and on never finding one that was comfortable.  Have you worn the TW shoes?  Whats your thoughts in comparison, I love your tips you give you are the most honest guy around reviewing products so thanks for that, hopefully you can give me some honest advice, should I make the switch or go for the TW14?

  8. im deciding between the TW14's, D.n.a, icons, or lunar control. Cant decide, could you maybe break them down for me? 

  9. They're the best pair of golf shoes I've ever had. No blisters the first round and no pain. Unbelievable, I normally expect a breaking in period which I actually didn't need

  10. What are the sizes like on these does anyone no? Are they your normal size or a 1/2 size smaller? Are they tight fitting.

  11. Nice shoes. They are a little more than I'd normally spend. I'll see what kind of sale price they are for the after Xmas sale at the golf shop. Thanks for the review.

  12. Hi Mark I have won a pair of DNAs from todays golfer mag, I think they are very good soft and should not give me any trouble, I'm glad you like them I'm sure I will too, I have had 2 pairs of footjoy before and I am still using them. I love footjoys

  13. These are great shoes. Trying to find replacement cleats for them is impossible.  Does anyone have any idea where i can buy  new cleats online in the uk?

  14. Hey Mark, just wanted to say you got yourself a new subscriber!! 1 of 146,XXX lol. I plan on researching your videos thoroughly. Anyways, just played my first game of golf, at 21 years old, and I'm addicted to say the least… Surprisingly I did pretty good (with all of my irons that is) with my background consisting of chunking some balls at the driving range and a few visits to Top Golf. Using my driver… haha well it was anyones guess where the ball would go XD. Do you have any videos on how to create a good foundation for driving?

  15. Just bought these and you werent lying. Id like to think that your video convinced me to buy them and it was definitely worth the price of 180

  16. ordered a pair of adizero 4 weeks ago from my pro shop and they were not ordered properly so picked up these to try on instead. had a game in esker hills (very hilly) on tuesday and could not believe how good and comfortable they are. bit more expensive but well worth it.

  17. The Dna kinda hurt my left knee when. I am at the range. But yes they might be one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn

  18. I wear a size 13 and weigh 250 pounds, so this might not be a problem for smaller golfers. I used these shoes the last half of the year and will not be using them anymore because of the damage they do to greens. The beds that the spikes go into are so tall that they leave deep depressions in the green on every step. I got a lot of negative feedback from groups behind me and my playing partners about all the damage to the greens. I walked as gingerly as I could but there was no way to avoid it. I wrote to Footjoy about the problem and they could not have taken it less seriously (shoutout to Jason Connors).

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