Fixing a Snap Hook – Golf Lesson Video

Fixing a Snap Hook – Golf Lesson Video
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre helps work on 6hcp Georges snap Hook. This video will help you play better golf today!

10 thoughts on “Fixing a Snap Hook – Golf Lesson Video

  1. I'm not sure I understand, and I might even disagree with your analysis Rick. The fix is abolutely fantastic, but the analysis of the fault is only half true. Since his swing path is "in to out" and his clubhead is behind, trailing, he's flipping his hands in order to "correct this" – so he's making another fault in order to correct a fault. Your, RIck Shiels, fix is absolutely Beautiful – I'm not arguing that!!! What I'm wondering is – am I unable to properly understand what you're saying?? Am I dead wrong with my conclusions? Would love your, and everyone else's thoughts on this!!!

  2. I'd agree this is a fix rather than a solution. the club face is pointing at the sky at the top of the backswing. this will produce a lot of curvature on the ball. his right wrist seems to fold back. no expert but the wrist should hinge up as opposed to back, so the clubface angle is the same as the left forearm at the top of the backswing. other than that it looks like a really solid golf swing.

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