Fairy Tale Golf in Iceland at 2am

Somewhere in Iceland… Our favorite travel squad takes a road trip through the Icelandic countryside and they happen to stumble upon a golf course. As a quick pitstop, they tee it up for a couple of holes to break up the drive to the small seaside town of Siglufjördur. Once they arrive, it’s time for some more midnight golf and endless plates of french fries. Over the river and through the woods, Erik, Stu, and the crew, head to Siglo Golf Course for their fourth round on this journey.

“Flood” by Davis Absolute
“Ellefu trilljón kæstar skötur á rauðu ljósi í Reykjavík um vetur” – produced by Lady Babu
“Strákarnir” by Emmsjé Gauti
“South America” by Auður
“Ultra Light” by The Cliff
“Terms of Motion” by The Cliff

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50 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Golf in Iceland at 2am

  1. Those fries and the hot tub looked like they were enjoyed as much as a hole in 1, great job fellas edits and content is and has been fire

  2. Man is it great to watch guys all just have the time of their lives playing golf and traveling! Keep going on adventures, making videos, inspiring people to go out and do the same. I’m so glad I got my friends into the game of golf and the world of YouTube Golf. 👍

  3. Always a joy to watch this series and all your work Erik (and guys).

    How do you not have more followers! Time to rewatch Scotland videos (again) I think.

  4. I'm surprised some of your sponsors haven't dropped you because of profanity in some of your vids. You should remember that next time you edit. Plus, I'm sure there are teenagers watching your content.

  5. EAL makes the best content in golf, and it's not even close.

    TXG makes the best technical content.

    Then there's everybody else.

  6. Man, this was my favourite video from the Iceland Vlogs so far! Looks amazing – I need to see it with my own eyes!!

  7. Greetings from the "sooo cute" golf club (which has ~40 members) of Blönduós, Iceland! Never thought I'd see it on a big youtube channel in my lifetime 😂

  8. I'm quite keen on that cool looking, lightweight golf bag… Anyone know the brand or where they can be purchased please?

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