EXTREME FACE and SPIN golf wedge!

In this video we look at the extreme SmithWorks golf wedges which create amazing spin. But are they as good as others on the market?

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24 thoughts on “EXTREME FACE and SPIN golf wedge!

  1. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Let me know what you think about these wedges 👇🏻 and as always if you haven’t already please LIKE THE VIDEO and SUBSCRIBE to the channel

  2. If your going to build an illegal wedge why not go the route of blades rather than gooves. I bough a stick on face with blades many a year back and that imparted 20 yards of back spin from any lie from 70 yards out. Great fun but utterly destroyed each ball!

  3. Pete, maybe carry a can of compressed air in your bag to clear out the grooves. Like the ones used to clean out PC parts

  4. Balatas Most fun ever as a kid on a golf course… Makes me wonder about the numbers, can’t work out why it wasn’t 12000+ with the illegal one 🤔

  5. I think the shredded ball surface is giving more grip when the ball lands causing it to stop faster

  6. You need to get some tour ballatta’s to reveal the true spin on that illegal smithworks wedge! 😂

  7. Do I believe my eyes or what you are saying? The illegal wedge in the first part of the review seemed to spin less than the legal version although you kept claiming for some reason that the illegal one is spinning “crazy “. I guess that’s how confirmation bias works. The second part with actual data bore out what I saw on the course. Golf is so full of shit reviews. It’s crazy though how these things destroy balls. I would never put something like that in my bag.

  8. I just ordered the illegal 🚫 one,I may send it back for a legal one, because it destroyed golf balls

  9. I have learned so much just watching your different wedge swings for different length shots. Great video

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