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This drill will help you improve your lag angle during the golf swing with the driver
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre helps you improve your golf lag angle by making sure you down use too much hinge during the backswing. This drill will help you create power and will help you hit the golf ball much further and help you play better.


  1. One thing to remember is the left hand/wrist and the right hand/wrist both work a little differently when the wrists set to create lag. The left hand sets by the motion of the left thumb that works, sets, cocks upwards and towards the arm on the joint of the "snuff box" (radial fossa). The right hand hinges with the back of the hand hinging towards the arm more akin to a position it would be in if you where holding a tray on the palm of your right hand.

  2. Thanks for the great tip/reminder! Given that you are such a fast swinger, I would love to see a slow-motion sequence of your swing in a future vid. Keep up the good work!

  3. Another great video, like the way you get to the point unlike some others.
    Could you explain the last bit about keeping the angle through the ball, I have it in my mind to release through the ball, but it does go very high with high revs!!!

  4. i mself am an early hinger and am going to be working on this tonight. would you say that this is a good idea with every club but varying amounts? cheers

  5. I took this tip to heart today on the course,and added quite a few yards on my drives. It makes me want to work even harder. I appreciate the good and easy to implement tips.

  6. good lesson. I was trying to set the lag angle too early during the backswing and ended up picking the club up which was confusing! one request: could you explain whether this "lag" move works with pitching, say 60 – 80 yards? I seem to hit them fat when I try lagging these shots.

  7. Rick thanks for this video. I have been playing for the past 10 years and this is the best tip I have ever been given. I have always tried to create hinge gradually as you stated but I have never tried to increase the hinge on the downswing with the right hand. This must be a secret because it is like giving away gold; nobody has ever mentioned this to me. Thank you for all your videos and helping us get better at this game.

  8. Hi Rick. I have been a serial caster in the past and personally found by trying to create lag by activively involving the wrist hinging action and hands impossible to time a consistent release.

    I'm finding greater consistency and success by using the transition from the ground up, I feel by firing my lower body earlier, the change of direction between backswing and downswing with pasive hands creates all the lag I need and results better ballstriking.

  9. rick i know this is a pretty old video but when  i try and do this i try and feel like sergio but it usually ends but slicing or way right

  10. great tip Rick. I have been committing to a hinge too early, and it makes the downswing feel stiff and unnatural. Per your tipI am visualizing a looser and more gradual hinge, like what happens to the wrist when you skip a rock into a lake. Much more natural — as soon as this blizzard ends I will hit the (indoor) range and work on it!

  11. i wonder.. i recently started driving straight on the range, but i struggle alot on the course, im thinking i swing harder and create lag on the range and i take it easy on the course cause i want good numbers.. do u think the lag is helping me keep my drives straight?

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