Extend Your Body For Better Golf Shots

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Extend Your Body For Better Golf Shots with PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. Mark helps more golfers from around the world with his Golf Pro app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This video golf lesson talks about the idea of extending your body for stronger straighter tee shots and iron shots into greens. Learn to use your body in a more dynamic way for improved golf shots.

16 thoughts on “Extend Your Body For Better Golf Shots

  1. Mark, once again you produce a video that is simply genius.  Sometimes older bodies aren't quite as flexible as they once were.  But your body rotation gave me a new mental image of what I need to do on the follow through, that I am not doing currently.  Thank you. 

  2. How does extending your body relate to that relaxed extended arm position after impact? My right arm is more or less straight but my left arm is never straight almost as if it is inhibited?

  3. Great video Mark I hope this video will help my dad alot with his golf.
    He's 54 with a pretty much healthy lean body but he drink quite often (work matters only he's not an alcoholic). That is also his excuse for having an extremely rigid swing and I'm not sure if drinking alcohol make your body less flexible. His hip doesn't move a lot and as he always try to get as much power as he can, his left foot rotate so hard it damages the grass.
    Now I think this is more of a mental problem not relaxing his body rather than a physical problem. Please help me how to help him with this.

  4. Thanks for a great video as always. I think this might apply for me as well. On question though, are there any specific "bad shots" related to this swing fault or is it mostly about speed and distance?

  5. Super video mark play off 8 and this video was a light bulb moment have been not finishing in the position you demonstrated. Just back from the range 200 balls and smashed them. Driver was my main problem leaking them right this sorted it. Can not wait for the season to start now. Weather permitting damp old Ireland. Keep up the great work.

  6. The problem with the guy's swing in the beginning is that it's all arms. His hips are square during impact and his left arm has come way off his body. When most of your swing is with your arms, your body has no reason to fully extend. Try to swing more with the sensation that your left arm is stuck to your chest. Hope this helps him, cheers.

  7. Mark, this is a great video. How do you incorporate this while still moving forward onto your left side? I feel i'm falling back at the finish. Also still trying to drop the club head at the top…will the hips/belt/belly push forward thing help that?

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