Every Shot at Bandon Dunes – Front 9 – Bandon Dunes Golf Resort – EAL Course Vlog

Alright, folks, welcome back to the final installation of the Bandon Dunes Course Vlog Series. This week, we’re playing the namesake course, Bandon Dunes, which was designed by Scotsman, David McLay Kidd in 2001. The course sits atop a bluff high above the Pacific Ocean, and is known for having unbelievable reveals. Bandon Dunes hosted the 2020 U.S. Amateur, where Tyler Strafaci beat Charles Osborne, 1 up, to win the tournament. With several blind tee shots, undulating fairways and some thick patches of gorse, Erik Anders Lang is up for the challenge to bring you shot for shot at Bandon Dunes course.

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35 thoughts on “Every Shot at Bandon Dunes – Front 9 – Bandon Dunes Golf Resort – EAL Course Vlog

  1. Have family down in Charleston and play at Kiawah. Most amazing course I've played. Need to do a course vlog there

  2. What program do you guys use for the shot tracer? I love how it follows the ball with all the bounces and roll outs.

  3. I’ve always hit a cut because I know I can control it. Golf’s all about control. Distance is second. And also putting’s really cool

  4. This course kills me… it can be fun or it can be a lesson in the brutality of the game and the futility of life… It depends on the wind🤞🌬💨

  5. hes got to move his right hand more on top of the club and flex the left elbow out – Terry Rowles would agree with me!

  6. Beautiful putts man! I know you said you were a little bummed about your score on this 9, but I think this video gives a great display of your short game. As always, thank you for sharing!

  7. I dont know why this does not have 5k likes !!! Your the man eal 💯🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 love your attitude man

  8. Much better camera quality EAL. I was never a huge fan of the way many of your previous videos were processed. They seemed overcooked in post. Super clear imagery and very good processing this video. And great content as always!

  9. Can you guys please tell me where Erik got his white golfbag that looks like its made of canvas and looks like flower print?

  10. Great commentary. Exactly what goes through my head…push a few "draws" and then realize, for the hundredth time, i am a cutter……

  11. Bandon Dunes on a sunny, windless day…muy afortunado. Heading there next week, the last time I played #6, had a 35 knot offshore. Took a 6 iron, played 20 yards to the right on the green, 2 putted for the best par in my golfing life. I think I shot a 92.

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