Easy Stop Your Slice Drill

Easy stop your slice drill with Meandmygolf PGA Golf Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman.

22 thoughts on “Easy Stop Your Slice Drill

  1. I have tried this drill from your previous video and my driver fairway hit increases from 40% to 55%. I am still afraid of really rotating my forearm even I am not hooking my shot. But the result is there, great drill. Will practice more on this drill with the increase the lag drill. Again, great videos and nice to see different angles from your videos.

  2. Great tip and explanation. Thanks guys. Question when will you have promotional products avilable? Like shirts and hats?

  3. Super video 🙂 – would you say that the right should do the same in the backswing? Sort of "catch the rain" on the top of the swing?

  4. In "Drive The Golf Ball 300 Yards!" video, you mentioned when the right side takes over. My question is when the right side takes over, do I feel like pushing with right arm while left arm is rotating down ?

    Thanks for the great videos.

  5. Hi sorry for the late reply. It is very difficult to say what you should feel but we would say that there would be less of the pushing with the right but definitely having the lead arm rotate through impact. The majority of people push too much with the right hand so getting it in a good delivery position is more important. Hope that makes sense.

  6. Hi Fernando. Thanks for the comment. We are hoping to have some products available before Christmas. We are very close to launching the website now so things are moving fast. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch.

  7. Hi Christian, thanks for the comment. To a certain degree yes, the right palm will be catching the raindrops at the top. More like a waiter holding a drinks tray though.

  8. i guessing that the name came from the movie "The Waterboy" where the lead role played by Adam Sandler was named Bobby

  9. Quick question, why is it deemed ,that a "draw" is OK, yet a slice/fade is portrayed as a bad shot.confused,as a regular fader/slicer I finish on the fairway quite regular, so its a bit confusing as most instructors try and get you away from the fade/slice.??

  10. Hi Julian. A fade and draw are both good shots that finish on target. A slice and hook are the bad shots that finish off target. Many golfers still associate a fade with a bad shot but if you can repeat what ever shot shape consistently that that's what matters. Fade is still good in our books!

  11. I´ve been struggling with the Driver for 6 months hitting terrible slices while I´ve been hitting dead straight shots with all my irons. I saw this video yesterday and tried "catch the rain drops" today, and it cured my slice with the Driver within 15 minutes!!!! Thanks a lot guys!

  12. Huge fans of you guys, Started playing golf consistently in August…I would say I check up on your videos 3-5 times a week. You always have great advice. After every tip I get from you I'm always itching to get back out the on the track to get better..Thanks for the advice and keep up the good work

  13. wait! what? Look at his FEET at 1:18. Isn't his foot position the problem? The ball travels in a straight line, but his feet are in line with the trees.

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