EAL + Dana Dahlquist Fix Your Slice

We put out a call for you all to submit videos of your swing for our Instruction Series. Ultimately, our goal is to help you improve your swing and create a plan for you to enjoy your golf game even more. For the second of four videos from the Instruction Series, Erik Anders Lang and Dana Dahlquist, a top 100 swing coach who has worked with some of the world’s best PGA and LPGA players, team up to give some tips and suggestions on how to fix your slice. We have been wanting to do a video like this for a while now. Erik and Dana take a handful of video submissions to show the commonalities between the swings, and how to fix those common mistakes on a slice. Thank you to everyone who submitted videos, and we hope that this video helps your swing!

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21 thoughts on “EAL + Dana Dahlquist Fix Your Slice

  1. I think the biggest problem is people go to the range after watching this video. Beat a hundred balls but dont actually work on anything… they just think the process of watching the video will magically make them better. You have to get a tripod. and spend hours hitting. then watching, hitting then watching. Once you have one piece worked out move to the next. Just my 2 and 14 cents good luck everyone.

  2. Finally a video that talks about swing depth, great video I think it's just what I needed to hear, and watch…at the same time!

  3. Have you thought about linking up with 18Birdies? It's an app on both apple and Android. Great way to keep up with your score and progress your game. Could be another way for you and fans to interact and progress together

  4. Glad to here some identifying it as a “pull slice” at shot that goes left to right. I once in awhile hit a “push fade” because I come too far inside and or swing too up on the ball so face is open to the path. The shot goes right (push) and drops right (fades). Most golfers don’t distinguish the two maybe because they don’t know. Thanks!

  5. My uncle fixed my slice, yet he plays his slice and manage to land it were he wants. My problem was mainly that my lead arm (right handed golfer so left arm) wasn't straight. this affected my entire game making it impossible to even break 120. after he told me that, the next 2 games I played I almost broke 100, and hitting a straight shot or a slight fade. He is not a golf pro by PGA standard but sometimes (rarely) another player input is correct, but if you have a problem go see a pro. he might see the problem sooner and he is qualified to do so.

  6. It’s important to note that a draw typically indicates correct fundamentals. From there, a cut is just setup and a little hold of the face open. But the fundamentals of a draw (swinging in to out path) are stlll present.

  7. …never seen a Hitchcock film. Hit many a draw though, and hooks, and fades, and slices. Sometimes all in the same round.

  8. I'd just like to point out that Erik gets this wrong when he does his course vlogs. When he hits a pull hook – he always says "I kind of came over the top with a closed club face." Don't want the masses to get the wrong idea. Really, his club face is closed to path (severely) and he still swung in-to-out. Good players with the block and hook misses, get into deeper trouble WHEN THEY THINK the pull hook is coming from them coming "over the top." The result is an ever increasing in/out path and bigger blocks/nastier hooks. THE OLD BALL FLIGHT LAWS ARE WRONG.

  9. Just aim for the wrong fairway on the left and call it a power fade. Been doing it for 9 years now. (I draw all my irons). Golf is a funny game.

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