Dustin Johnson on his meaningful Masters victory | Masters Press Conference

Dustin Johnson addresses the media after winning the 84th Masters Tournament.

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35 thoughts on “Dustin Johnson on his meaningful Masters victory | Masters Press Conference

  1. DJ is so together. The right team helping him is key, too. He gives the team due credit, too. The Green Jacket is just a symbol of how well he approaches the game of golf and life.

  2. That was an awesome tee shot on number 12. Really high ball landed safely in the middle of the green. That was one of the most anticipated shots of the tournament.

  3. Congratulations DJ. Maybe next year the organisers of the Masters could get some reporters that will ask decent questions. Painful to listen to, DJ must have been bored out of his skull.

  4. the first follow up question was "how meaningful is this to you" after the host asked him what does this mean to him… haha i can show up and do that

  5. DJ is one of my favorites, it’s always amazing to me how these pros can recall each iron when they go over their scorecard at the end, simply amazing, what a great performance by a great guy

  6. "Dustin, why is this win so meaningful for you?" Uhhhhhh, yeah maybe because he just won the Masters! Where do they get these idiot sports writers from? Here's a thought: Let average golfers ask the Future winners the questions and let's retire the media forever…

  7. Dustin has this unbelievable ability to flatten out his swing. I’ve watched it numerous times and I’m still not sure how he does it. But I think it allows him to generate huge clubhead speed and it’s pretty impressive to watch. At any rate he might be the best golfer right now. He sure creamed the competition, that’s for sure. (I watched Sunday a bit in 4K. DirecTV had a couple 4K channels and that was awesome. But Dustin is mesmerizing as he just has awesome power and control. As long as Tiger doesn’t win I’m happy.)

  8. probably should have an asterisk by his name for this one…Augusta National too easy in November…minus 20 is ridiculous for a Major

  9. Physically he’s at a great age…..the rest is up to him! I hope he wins the GS of all four majors….Rory, take note…,you have 5 years on DJ! Well done DJ….🙏🏌️‍♂️

  10. Greatest lessons I learned was the two layups. I’m 70 and have followed all his ups and downs from beginning.Honest? My eyes were leaking too.

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