Dustin Johnson & Jason Day SHORTEST DRIVE CONTEST | TaylorMade Golf

Dustin Johnson and Jason Day can hit their SIM driver as far as anyone. But what happens when the best golfers in the world try and it it as short as possible, while still swinging hard? Watch as JDay challenges DJ to a shortest drive contest. If you like this video, head over to our Instagram channel (@taylormadegolf) to take the #TMShortestDrive Contest. We’re giving away three SIM drivers to three winners!

32 thoughts on “Dustin Johnson & Jason Day SHORTEST DRIVE CONTEST | TaylorMade Golf

  1. "DJ fixing to win the championship" taylor made: DO WE HAVE DJ CLIPS!!!! PUT THEM OUT I DON'T CARE HOW STUPID THEY ARE JUST POST IT NOW

  2. That's funny cause mine goes backwards and I dont even do it on purpose, probably because I cant afford a Taylormade driver hint hint

    PS. Send me one please
    I'm desperate

  3. Best short drive i ever did was only yesterday, i just clipped the top of the ball and it bounced backwards a few inches.

  4. Jason seemed completely uninterested in listening to DJ's story. Almost rudely so. Even after he repeated himself, he received a dismissive response. Ngl. Kinda being a dick here, Jason. Let the man talk, and at least pretend to be interested.

  5. Watching the Tour championship and notice DJ’s brother is straddling the line to give DJ a reference pint on putts? It feels like an advantage and wonder if this will be a new move by others on tour? The caddie, putting foot prints so close to others lines is questionable too.. Bit too much involvement by caddie …

  6. Ridiculous that these two clowns are on the professional circuit with efforts like that. Last week, trying to beast one down a par 5 I managed to clip one into my shin. Draft me in as trainer and I’ll show them how it’s not done 👍

  7. Who was it that, in a comp, hit a drive, shanked it, hit a tree at the side of the tee, ball came back and hit him in the leg?
    Seem to remember that somewhere.
    I reckon that would count as a shorter drive.

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