DRIVER SWING VS IRON SWING – THE DIFFERENCE – In todays video we answer one our most asked question. What is the difference between the driver and the iron when it comes to our golf swing? We will be explaining the big differences between the two as well as telling you the best things to do with both clubs, with some amazing drills to help you achieve this.

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0:00 – Intro.
00:39 – Driver set up
01:07 – Driver backswing
03:23 – Driver downswing
05:17 – Driver Through swing
07:39 – Driver Vs Iron – Different intentions
08:30 – Iron set up
09:00 – Iron backswing
10:40 – Iron downswing
12:03 – Irons – Keeping our balance

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  1. Guys, good vid, but why no mention of the D-Plane? As when you hit up on the ball, the club is moving left, hence you pulled those shots. Same for irons hitting down, club will go right, as per Tiger Stinger. I would really like to see a follow up on adjusting for this D-Plane effect, no one ever mentions this, is it a golf secret ?

  2. Great tips guys! And this has reminded me that I’m trying (too often) to hit my irons as hard as my driver. My iron shots are always better when I let the right club selection do the work for me. Thank you ⛳️🏌️‍♂️

  3. Irons. Been told my driver swing o
    Is more iron-like .. working on a longer takeaway to get in a better position. Slowly but surely.

  4. Irons are strongest part of my game. 3W is my go to off the tee but I'm working on driver right now and it's getting better.

  5. I am better at driver. It's very consistent for me. I am going through some yips with my irons right now. Just need to keep practicing!! 🙂

  6. wedge to 7iron is good and driver to 7 wood are good. 6 and 5 iron have the most inconsistent results distance wise and shot shape wise . 6 and 5 iron sometimes go barely farther than the 7 iron and other times when it is hit clean it goes 10 and 20yards farther.
    ???#1 With a long iron should i use more of a technique like Rory on the driver or stick with the more centred pivot?
    #2 Does my swing speed influence which technique I use on long irons? I am 85 to 95 with the driver.
    Thanks Love your channel!!!

  7. thanks guys,after your last two videos and this one i carried a ball two-thirty yards,further than most of my previous drives which helped me shoot 43 points yesterday

  8. I like you guys because you get right to it. Not a lot of talking. And that’s what I like. Thank you

  9. Irons – I play up to a 2 iron so I can get around most places with out a driver . I should use driver more the stats prove it !

  10. I have a problem swaying or moving left on my driver down swing causing me to hit down on the driver. Any thoughts? Set up and ball position all good.

  11. I’m better with irons, I’m starting to get. Nice draw on my driver. I just need to work on consistency.

  12. I am working to hit them correctly. One day i hit good shots with my irons and am flimsy with driver and then next day it is opposite. Today i hit good shots with irons, and played pathetic with driver

  13. Driver . Past 6 months been fatting my irons a lot so resorting to using my 3, 4 & 5 hybrids a lot. Last week noticed that I was tending to use a driver setup for my irons. Narrowed my stance and now hitting decent iron shots just have to be more conscious of the setup.

  14. Still working on my long game. I am exaggerating my grip so that it is extra strong. That seems to help my slice a lot. These tips are certainly going to help me with my "form". One of these days I can graduate from my long game practice to short game practice.

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