Driver Swing 30 October 2016, Age 15

Karl’s details at time of this video;
Age: 15 years
Height: 5′ 9″
Handicap: Plus 4.3
Karl’s website is
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Karl’s Instagram is KoalaKarl2001
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42 thoughts on “Driver Swing 30 October 2016, Age 15

  1. I personally prefer when Karl had a weaker grip and when his club at the top was square or even open compared to being shut. I just hope he doesn't find issues with the snap hook like i do. However, there are people like DJ etc… who do play it shut and square up perfectly at impact.

  2. How has Karl changed his swing so much to when he was in Australia? He had a much weaker grip, and a slower tempo at that time. Now he has a more bowed left wrist, quicker tempo, and noticeably shorter swing. But hey, if he's playing better golf than he was with his old swing, then I'm all for it. Cheers

  3. tell Karl to stay away from pa surrounding states I don't want to get woppied to bad in the ajga next year. but I have to give him credit he hits that ball a country mile compared to every one I have played

  4. the amount of flexibility and X factor stretch is off the charts. His hips are forced to stop and stall rotation for so long in order for his arms to catch up. Not saying this is good or bad just astounded by the power.

  5. I see that Karl is using the M2 instead of the M1. I tested the M2 at a golf galaxy and I loved it because of the forgiveness and the distance increase.

  6. Seems a bit awkward at the top, feels like we have Karl a bit higher hands than we used to, but hey..the kid stripes it and I admire it. He will always evolve. Excited for him

  7. Hi Paul,

    I know you mentioned it in a previous video, so I'd like to take the opportunity now to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy the full round coverages you've been providing. I think I've watched them all.

    These short vids are good too. Great job! Nice work, Karl!!

  8. Paul, He is not driving his hips so far left in transition which is an improvement and his swing will be less taxing on the back as a result. The right leg /knee breaks in as a first move in the downswing in internal rotation. You would do well to get his knee moving in external rotation first slightly out to the right first say to 2 O Clock then internal . This will give him a bigger range of motion in the hip turn so he won't have to stall and reduce the head lunge move he has towards the target he has at transition. Watch Tiger 1997. JB Holmes and Dustin to see what I am talking about This won't take long and will have a positive knock on effect through his motion and will enable him to get his right elbow more in front of the hip coming into impact. The general trend is his swing  getting better.

  9. The swing doesnt look comfortable at all. Feels like he's been told to swing like Tiger Woods 90s swing…. These are some serious changes man i dont know why this would benefit him but sure if he uses it it probably works eh

  10. I personally really like having a slightly closed face as well as Karl. I'm a freshman in high school too, and I played with my team and we won states. I feel like the slightly closed face allows me to drive more with the hips, and I don't get that right shot I normally would. Great stuff as always!

  11. Quick question for karl. During your swing do you think more about your upper body and rotation or do you think about lower body and things like weight shift.

  12. How does Karl open his hips but keep his chest back in his swing I have trouble doing this but staying close do you have any advice?

  13. the left hand grip is showing what?…….1 knuckle? that's a fairly weak grip.Yet the face is shut at the top. I'm trying to figure that out. Are you sure you've got the grip in the fingers of the left hand, and not letting it slide up into the palm?

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