Driver Slip

Driver slip on the 18th hole in the Saturday Member’s Competition, April 13, 2013.

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16 thoughts on “Driver Slip

  1. Karl's reaction shows that his entire muscle collection still thought that he had the club in his hands right til the end of the follow-thru. You can't fake that.

  2. Hey Karl, big fan. You are a terrific golfer and I was just wondering what brand of clubs do you use?
    P.S Where did you get them?

  3. Karl uses Mizuno Irons and a combination of the rest. You'll find his exact bag set-up at the "What's in my bag" page at his website. The link is on the "Video description" listed under the video.

  4. Good question. Very rarely. He'd hit perhaps one Fairway Wood per round a bit thin, and the last time time I can remember him "duffing" a shot was on a freezing cold morning 2 weeks ago during the Easter holidays when he (and his playing partners) had trouble getting their fingers warm for the first 4 holes. He skulled a wedge during that period, but as I say, it's very rare for Karl.
    You'll notice that some kids videos only show a few shots, whereas we show pretty much the whole round.

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