Driver Angle of Attack Golf Lesson

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Driver Angle of Attack Golf Lesson with PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. This is a golf swing sent through Marks iPhone golf app, with many swings being sent Mark is trying to respond to more with some stand alone golf instructional videos to help more golfers improve their games. This is a downswing golf tips talking about how the handle and the head work to help hit longer straighter drives from the tee for lower golf scores. Understand your golf driver and iron angle of attack to understand your impact and golf game for lower scores.

22 thoughts on “Driver Angle of Attack Golf Lesson

  1. I've struggled with the safe thing he has and I'm just now understanding why I hit my driver to the right. This video helped solidify what to do to fix that. Heading to the range tomorrow and will let you know how I get on. Thanks again Mark!!

  2. Very interesting, been trying to preserve lag (to hit down on the ball with irons); so is it just the driver we should be throwing away/behind? Or does that go for irons too?

  3. Hi Mark, i watch all your vids and love them all. I dont have a smart phone or android or anything, I recently messaged you here on youtube with my swing video attached, could you please include it in one of your vids? thanks alot!

  4. Mark,
    Is this video something that will help all "over the top" swings? Is it a feeling of throwing the club head back in that direction or is a feeling of pushing your hands in that direction? I've been working on face control (dropping the club head)…would these two ideas work together?

  5. This is a great video Mark, this is something I experience myself so it's great to see you put something out like this. Thanks!

  6. Mark! Love your videos. Would it be possible to do a comparison between the Taylormade tour preferred CB and MC? Or what would be your opinion, if looking at a 5-15 handicap but I'm 17, and will be playing more golf frequently soon. What would be the main reason difference in clubs? What would you recommend? Appreciate it 🙂 

  7. lag has done nothing short of disastrous things to my swing…
    i ditched that "lag" business years ago and i havent looked back.

  8. I have got a feeling that this video is really going to help me. In the past I could hit my driver and iron shots at a nice height and quite straight, however it seems that nowadays I seem to be hitting the ball at a much lower flight and struggling to get the ball as high as I want it. Do you think that this could help me Mark?

  9. Morning! Have you thought about the Callabertha Golf Training Wizard, (I went to google and it looks quite interesting) I heard some pretty good things about the results other golfers have had with it, my father got amazing improvement with it. Yeah cut 6 strokes in just a few weeks

  10. Mark, I doubted this drill when I heard you say "think casting." I thought you lost your mind. However, I suffer from "downward angle of attack syndrome" too. So I tried it at the range this evening and what do you know, it worked. Thanks Mark for sharing your expertise.

  11. Mark my friend just sent me this video and I had to do a double take. I think that gentleman is my long lost brother. I am suffering from the exact same issue and cannot wait to get out to the range to try this fix out. Thank you for all that you do for the sport and keep it up.

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