Desert Springs Golf Course Lesson Day 3

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Desert Springs Golf Course Lesson Day 3 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional and Gorilla James the James Wiltshire. PLaying golf around Desert Springs golf club in Spain watch as the two very different styles of golfers play with driver, irons and short game. Watch as they plot themselves around this trick gold course and try to better each other.

41 thoughts on “Desert Springs Golf Course Lesson Day 3

  1. I love watching your videos, especially when you're playing courses. It helps me learn alot about smart play. But you have to do something about the microphone. Sometimes its almost impossible to hear you because of the breeze hitting the mic. Other than that, love it all! 😀

  2. love it.. but.. what if we were playing behind them? tee hee… you'd see a ball come into the frame from the left during their approach shots lol just razzing lol

  3. I agree, I tend to do the same thing… but you could improve your GIR, something I also struggle with. Get that damn ball on the green with your second.

  4. It wouldn't make sense financially. Since I'm assuming he makes this videos monetized, he gets money based on views. Considering most of his subscribers watch all of the videos like this, it's better to split it up into 3 or 4 than have one long one. Or maybe he just does it out of the kindness of his heart and doesn't want to upload an hour long video, who knows.

  5. I love it when Mark laughs at James' chip into the bunker on 11 lol.

    The gamer play though guys–some of which have huge subscription bases–often do 50 minute YTs.

  6. Definitely need to do something with the wind noise.. ever consider investing in one of those fluffy things over the microphone? Otherwise, great video!

  7. This is such a great idea, I am new to golf and it is great to see the thought process behind all the shots, whilst also seeing nice swings.

  8. At 8:34 you say that you're aiming at the right hand trap…you're actually aiming at the tree left of the house on the border of the split screen. Have you always played with such a closed stance? I ask because Mr. Snead did, and I wanted to know if there was anything advantages to it. I have noticed that your stance is quite closed, Mark.

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