DeChambeau In A Hoodie? It Could Be A Different Kind Of Masters

What if Bryson DeChambeau shows up at Augusta National one month from now carrying more than 245 beefy pounds and a new driver the length of a shovel?

What if DeChambeau shows up in a hoodie?

Golf as we know it might end right there, its last rites pronounced amid the late autumn splendor of a mis-timed Masters, the game as we’ve known it lying in pieces like Humpty Dumpty.

As if the consternation generated by DeChambeau’s brash plan to club the game into submission when he’s not wolfing down another plate of bacon and eggs hasn’t caused enough emotional indigestion among traditionalists, Tyrrell Hatton had the temerity to win the European Tour’s BMW PGA Championship on Sunday while playing in a hoodie.
The question isn’t whether hoodies belong on the golf course. The question is whether a player can make a swing without the hood getting in the way at some point.
To some, who probably still don’t know that wearing plus-fours makes you look like a clown, seeing a hoodie on a tournament golfer is akin to wearing cargo shorts …

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