Day 3, 2009 US Kids Worlds, Age 7

Age 7. Karl playing on Day 3 of the 2009 US Kids World Championships and on his way to claiming his first World title.

The video captures most of the shots as from the 4th hole and also the celebrations afterwards.

A special thanks to Annie for being Karl’s cameraman on that day.

Karl’s website is, where his latest results, video and info are constantly updated.

4 thoughts on “Day 3, 2009 US Kids Worlds, Age 7

  1. Great golf, but get yourself a new camera person. The picture was all over the place making it difficult to watch at times. The kids were fantastic though.

  2. @alexpctpga
    G'day. It was only Karl and his Dad there for the tournament, so we were grateful for any video from anyone who volunteered to carry our video camera rather than not having any to remember the day.

  3. But that is THE Mrs Chung holding that camera and I'm pretty sure she is recording her son also so she has two cameras rolling at once..talent if you ask me

  4. Nope, it wasn't Ethan's Mum on this particular day, although she did film Day 1 when Ethan was in Karl's group and did a great job juggling 2 videos. They're good people.

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