Creating a Routine on the Practice Range with EAL + Dana Dahlquist

Welcome to the final installment of RGC Films Instruction Series. This last episode could be the most important part of your game: how to bring your “range game” to the course. Erik Anders Lang and Dana Dahlquist dive into the proper way of practicing while you’re at the range, how to create a routine for yourself and more. Join EAL and Dana for best practices, tips, and suggestions on bringing your range game to the course. Thank you so much to everyone that submitted videos, ideas, and has commented throughout the Instruction Series.

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“Scorpius” by Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
“Leaving Serengeti” by Ooyy
“Sweet Aroma” by Guustavv

21 thoughts on “Creating a Routine on the Practice Range with EAL + Dana Dahlquist

  1. Thanks for the vid.I'd love to see the correct process for building a bag and when you might swap a hybrid for a driving iron or 5wood for 3wood etc, also a "preflight checklist" for on course of things to consider would be great. I always find myself forgetting 1 factor here and there.

  2. Great video. I agree about range time before playing. You're on the range to get loose and see which swing you brought to the course. Before playing or whilst playing is not the time to "fix" your swing. Play with whatever shot you brought that day… that will keep the tension lower and therefore the scores will be lower.

  3. My dad always taught me to go to the range with a goal. Always has been good advice that I don't always remember. Thanks for this!

  4. Play a couple of holes and discuss course management. For example why it doesn’t make sense to hit driver on a par five when you expect to lay up.

  5. Absolutely love this series! As a 12 handicap who's never had a professional lesson I find this extremely helpful. Any chance you could make a video about how to intentionally draw/fade a ball? I'm very good at unintentionally doing it but would love to learn how to control that.

  6. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Very informative and beautifully shot as always. Plus a tiny non-intrusive and yet memorable Ad at the end, perfect!

  7. Wondering if you guys could chat basic rules (excluding the #1 rule of having fun of course). You got me back into playing after years with the clubs in the corner. Thank you!

  8. Love this series and the channel in general so first and foremost, thank you. My question for this series is how do you find the right instructor for your approach to the game when most instructor's bios read like a resume of accomplishments rather than their approach to the swing?

  9. I need a Dana in Sonoma County – love watching this. Go to the range with a goal has changed my practice and my rounds. Zen golf too – every shot is a new shot, play it as the first/only and let it fly. Also, 17b

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