Create More Lag In Your Golf Swing Using Your Index Finger

PGA Golf Professional Piers Ward demonstrates a drill to help improve your lag in your downswing

16 thoughts on “Create More Lag In Your Golf Swing Using Your Index Finger

  1. For beginner golfers, learning to grip the club properly is key. Many people think gripping a club hard can make the ball go further. A better approach is to employ a grip which is firm but softer. Hold your club similar to how you would a bird.

  2. Great feel drill. I feel the pressure on my trigger finger on my DS as my finger fights my casting and flipping. I'll have to try this out on the driving range.

  3. So you started the downswing with drag loading and switched to drive loading for impact. You are aware they are non-interchangeable components?

  4. Are you saying that the right index finger should be positioned to perform two functions? But, not necessarily with the same pressure point. i.e the crook of the finger holds lag, whereas the knuckle of the finger is used to load the club shaft at impact? Or, is there a single point that can be used to perform both functions?

  5. In ANY other sport in which you use your index finger for speed, the faster you try to throw it or hit something with a stick or racquet, the more lag and speed you have and the body simply RESPONDS to make that happen. ONLY IN GOLF, do instructors invert this athletic motion.

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