Correct and Control Your Golf Ball Flight

Correct and Control Your Golf Ball Flight
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach from Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester helps you change and alter your swing path and therefore help control the flight of your golf ball. This tip will quickly help you play better golf and enjoy your golf game more.

12 thoughts on “Correct and Control Your Golf Ball Flight

  1. The big question for me Rick from Manchester is not slice or hook, its United or City? I am hoping from your jacket that your a red rather than blue.

  2. You need to exaggerate a change to get an actual real change from whatever your normal swing pattern is. Which I'm assuming is what you've done here with the position of the markers here, particularly the white one. As you'll know that if you try and swing straight back in the takeaway for too long your arms hands and club become too disconnected from your body pivot(turn) giving you bigger swing problems. The 'ideal' position for the white T marker when that far away from the ball would be around an inch 'inside' your ball to target line as we swing on an inclined arc. So holding a straight back takeaway for too long and trying to hold a straight through to target for too long through and after impact is going to give someone major swing problems.

  3. This seems to be a great drill and one you could do at home without ball. This would  give you the feel for the different paths and you could take it to the range later – after a short time you would not need the markers

  4. Great Drill Rick……. Love all the videos….. your a welcome breath of fresh air to the Net……..
    I went for lessons last season after getting down to a 14 handicap without them but my aim is to get to Cat 1… Knowing this i knew i needed to do something to tighten my dispersion and went about fixing my out to in path….. I was given a similar drill as i was exiting at 11 o clock too early and i was using an alignment cane stuck vertically about 3 feet outside my left foot… I had to miss this on the follow through……Iv struggled for the past 12 months with shanks anbd pushes as well as push slices to achieve this and im still exiting left after impact but my swing thought is to still try and attack the ball from the 7 O' clock position……  I have a flattish swing but i get into good positions in the backswing… Its the start down where i throw the club slightly outside the plane but im on plane at impact…This gives me a left to right flight of just a few yards….. But should i persevere with the drill you have shown above or am i doing more harm than good trying to draw the ball and change the swingpath…… BTW…. Im down to 9 now….. Keep the videos coming……. 

  5. Just discovered your channel, have watched Mark Crossfield and both you guys are enjoyable to watch. Already knew to think a "fade" swing when fighting my pull, hook…..hard to do though sometimes to aim left toward those fence lines or ponds  and hope it comes back….lol….keep up the good work!

  6. I commend you for your attempted use of graphics, however wouldn't be easier to just enter at 6:30 and exit at 11:30 and just "roll" the face over to produce the spin?

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