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When Catherine Fournil, executive manager of the Vidauban Foundation for the Environment, advised the members of Le Golf de Vidauban in France that she would like to introduce donkeys to their beloved complex, they looked at her somewhat strangely. How would she stop them from escaping their electric fence and careering down the fairways?

“I’m blessed that the members trust me,” said Fournil, before giving Global Golf Post the same explanation she had given to them.

It was all about the ongoing protection of their Robert Trent Jones masterpiece in a manner which corresponded with the expectations of the Natural Reserve surrounding the course. This region of Provence in southeastern France is one of the world’s foremost biodiversity hotspots as identified by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. This, of course, is a situation which is all the more salient at a time when we are hearing on a daily basis that any further erosion of biodiversity could spell disaster for the world at large.

The donkeys, Fournil t…

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