Cobra King F7 Driver Review By Golfalot

Cobra King F7 Driver Review shows how the third sole weight position offers more customisation of Cobra driver. More at

6 thoughts on “Cobra King F7 Driver Review By Golfalot

  1. The F7 TI seems to go back to a more traditional driver – similar to their S3 but with some new techno;ogy. the F7 and F7 + seem to be similar to the F6- with a different weighting method to attain similar results. Really nice looking drivers.

  2. One more thing. The real technology upgrade is the blue tooth tracking at the end of the grip that can communicate with an app on your cellphone.

  3. There is no F7 Ti as of yet.  Purchased the F7 and it's a good driver.  I also own the Amp Cell and Bio Cell.  The F7 is a heavier head (~198 grams).  Total weight in the 325 gram range, which is on the heavier side.  IMO no better or worse than previous Cobra drivers.  In reality how much more improvement can be made considering they're limited on MOI and COR etc.

  4. I'm 56, with a bad shoulder ( surgery 2 years ago) and my swing speed is between 75 to 85 mph. I know weak lol, but I'm in pretty good shape just was never a big hitter. Would a regular shaft or stiff shaft or a x-stiff work better? I'm using a taylormade burner ( draw) club now and hit around 220 on average off the tee ( sometimes I can get it to 240) I have an x-stiff shaft, but was wondering is going down to a stiff would get me some more distance with a bit more flex? I'm thinking about picking this club up ( also looking at the Cobra F7+) your thoughts and thanks

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