Coach Lockey Golf Lesson With Mark Crossfield

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Coach Lockey Golf Lesson With Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru, Jon Axford and Matt Lockey. This is a driver lesson where Mark and Jon help Matt with some ideas to help him with his golf swing and improve his tee shots. With the help of GC2 HMT and Trackman the three golf professionals talk angle of attack, club path and face to path in this golf instructional video. Filmed at Teignmouth golf club in the indoor golf studio watch this live golf lesson and learn more about your golf swing for lower golf scores.

30 thoughts on “Coach Lockey Golf Lesson With Mark Crossfield

  1. For not long time ago I learned by my very good own coach to stand with the left hip more up in the air and my left shoulder more closed, when I'm using a driver or fairway wood. In that way it easier to get under the ball.
    Lockey, what I see is that you are standing more normal, I'm I right?

  2. Thanks guys, this video has helped me heaps!! I thought this change would make me cast the club and come over the top, but surprise, surprise, the fix you suggested for Lockey has been a swing fix for me too!! Finally a draw is happening now!! Keep em coming Mark!! Aussie from down under.

  3. One of the best videos I've seen on this channel, superb! Cos it's inside and you get good acoustics you can hear what a savage strike Lockey  gets on the ball. Great one this, Up the pink castle brigade!!!

  4. Another great video Mark.

    I have the same problem as Lockey here. I hit my drive on a downward angle and it causes the ball to stay low. I will give this a try on the next range day.

  5. Theres always a simpler way to make an in swing change. Why not just move the ball position up (more in line with the left foot) and tilt the spine slightly more to the right (left shoulder higher)? Encouraging such a strong player to literally cast or early release the club in the downswing is wasting a ton of potential power. Solid looking player, good stuff.

  6. Way to go Mark, you have changed his angle of attack 5 degrees.
    In recent videos he hits more fairways yes, but he is 50 years shorter.
    Why not just move his ball forward 1 ball width ?

  7. cracking lesson as usual laddies! It's a tough one this, you'd think ol' Lockey's swing is pretty good for iron play with the original handle delivery (#LockeyLag). More evidence to suggest iron and driver swings are quite different. Great imrpovement though, he's a lovely boy.

  8. Im going to try this Mark thanks
    My SS is nowhere near as fast as Matts, but my angle of attack is about the same, -3 degrees.

  9. I've struggled with blocks with my driver for a long time for similar reason to Coach Lockey. Have been working on this lesson and early results are really encouraging. Keep up the good work lads. Love the videos, Scott

  10. Again, highly relevant to my game. Mark has got to be the best on YouTube if not one of the best in terms of instruction.

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