1. Similar challenge to to Gino. Let's have you play 9 holes of normal competitive golf say over 3 Tuesdays. I just love the normal course vlogs. Also a rematch with the crossfield team.

  2. Yup you guys rock man!!! One handed over water and a bunker with a chip for par? You guys are the truth! Love watching you're vids Andy and Piers keep it coming!!!!

  3. Great vid again guys. 
    How about a combination of a few challenges: Left handed, one armed, using only a wedge, and, er, on one leg (have ye done that yet?) – this challenge against someone throwing the ball (or a total beginner)…. might be a long video…..
    Right, i don't think anyone has suggest this yet!

  4. YEA PLAY READY GOLF (speedgolf)
    -not allowed to stand still unless aiming at ball
    -walk briskly
    -you have 4 seconds to strike the ball (use a timer clock with a loud beeper for instance)

  5. How did you guys get so good at using only one hand?  Are there any exercises that you would recommend for the viewers at home to build strength in one of their hands?

  6. I actually putt one handed as it reduces the power of the stroke so I have more control over the shot I hit…

  7. Entire 9 hole round, men's tees, only putters. Multiple putters can be in the bag for different shots. If you break 50 I'll eat crow.

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