Can Tony Finau Break the Course Record at the Hardest Course in Utah? – Back 9

We are back with the second half of Erik Anders Lang’s round at Painted Valley Golf Course with PGA Tour superstar, Tony Finau. While recording their video podcast, Tony told Erik his primary objective for the round was to shoot a 67 in order to break the course record. Coming from a tour player with a career-low of 62, this task does not sound daunting, but Painted Valley is a course built like no other. Tipping out at over 8,000 yards, Finau claims this course to be the toughest in Utah. As he tee’s off on hole ten, his score sits at -1. Follow along as Finau attempts to do the unthinkable, alongside EAL and some of his close friends.

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50 thoughts on “Can Tony Finau Break the Course Record at the Hardest Course in Utah? – Back 9

  1. I’ve been a dedicated Tiger fan my entire life (I’m 30). I’ve been searching the past few years for a golfer on tour to follow and root for when the inevitable retirement comes. After this I think Tony is my guy.

    Ty Eric

  2. To say I loved these videos would be an understatement … Wow .

    Eric you out do yourself.
    Tony is an absolute gentleman with such an incredible gift. I loved to hear about his faith 💖 and how he doesn't pray for victory … He is a ordinary man living a dream

    🍀🍀🍀 Love from Ireland

  3. Wow, what a man!
    EAL, Tony and my son Adam, dream fourball!
    If ever back in Aberdeen, Scotland let’s do It Erik…..just be sure to take Mr Finau with you 👍🏻

  4. Wow, what a great man. Humble, glory to God, what a class act. Will be pulling for him from here on out. God bless you all.

  5. Such deligth to see Tony play and also what a humble guy. I heard a story about him and his brother when they for some reason were in Sweden playing junior golf. They were practicing at a driving range and they were hittting bombs way over the net 250+ yards away. 🙂

  6. Love how he (TF), metaphorically puffs his chest at not doing anything addictive in the podcast. Yet, on the last hole on the video we see TF with a fat plug (chew) in his jaw. Contradictory much?

  7. Great video! Tony Finau seems like a wonderful guy. Is golf a spiritual game? I recommend the novel “the kingdom of Shivas Irons” by Michael Murphy, which gives some answers to that question. Keep up the great work in these trying times.

  8. Loved this format of a video podcast intermixing the shots and podcast clips. One of my favorites so far! Tony's the man! So is Erik!

  9. Want to see this man run off a 5 win season. Seems to be a great man with all the tools needed to dominate the tour.

  10. I'm so glad he chose golf over religion. That would have been a terrible choice. Religion is just a self help community that is scared to look at reality sometimes. A long time ago people didn't have answers so they crated the bible to create comfort. No need to waste your life over it, to keep the parents happy.

  11. He’s playing golf with one of the best golfers in the world on one of the best golf courses and he’s whinging about being cold and hungry. Some people are never satisfied

  12. My favorite golfer and easily the best person on the tour right now. He is a huge advocate for golf in Utah. He is known to work with a lot of the youth golfers in Utah and raises huge amounts of money for golf in Utah to be more accessible for more people.

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