Can the BEST DRIVERS of the past 5 YEARS outperform NEW CLUBS?!

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I picked the best golf drivers of the past 10 years and put them up against their modern replacements with shocking results!

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26 thoughts on “Can the BEST DRIVERS of the past 5 YEARS outperform NEW CLUBS?!

  1. Changed the title to “Best drivers of the past 5 years” Rather than best of 10, only a small thing and these are still my faves from the past decade, but fits a little better 👍

  2. FORGIVENESS…is all I want from a new driver. I want to be able to hit it high in the toe, or low in the heel, and not lose a ton of yards AAAAAND…find it in the rough (rather than the tress).

  3. I have heard nothing but great things about the Callaway Epic speed. I think that will take the W but i am a Titleist guy myself, hoping the TS3 stands the test of time

  4. Lost right off the bat with Callaway. But so happy to hear great things about the TS line in comparison with the TSi as i am about to purchase a TS2 driver for the price savings

  5. The R&A have regulated the COR (spring) of the face to 0.83 for the last 15 years. No driver hit properly is going to give you more ball speed / distance if the spin is the same.

  6. Everyone forgets how good the old M1 and M2 are. I'm not one to change my driver unless I've really felt a progression in tech and my original M2 can hold its own against anything out today. I think the M1 will go toe to toe with everything and take down the top spot

  7. there is no better driver than Aero Burner. I keep going back to it after trying all the latest ones from various driver makers

  8. Check the CT on that M1, if its been hit a million times at tour pro like speeds that thing could be completely illegal at this point. Any older driver will hammer a fresh new driver out of the plastic if the older driver's face has been deformed from hitting over the years. Sorry not a scientific test here.

  9. Had my MD Superstrong driver around 5 or 6 years now and even though I look at newer clubs, I love the feel of the thing too much to change it!

  10. I am currently using the TS3 and its the best driver i've ever had, I agree with you on the looks in comparison to the TSi3 , but only for the bottom part , I much more prefer the little arrow alignment on the crown vs the lettered alignment on the TSi3 .. Will be keeping in the bag for a long time for sure

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