Can EAL Break 90 from the tips on Winged Foot’s US Open Layout? – Front 9

Erik Anders Lang is back with the break 90 challenge. But, this time, we’re doing something a little different. Brian Baumgartner, popularly known as “Kevin from the Office,” is commentating on EAL’s attempt of 19 shots to break 90. The championship course, the “West” course, has hosted five US Opens, the sixth being this year, and one PGA Championship. With narrow fairways, and rectilinear greens, Erik is up to the test playing under PGA tournament conditions from the tips at 7,450 yards, par 70.

Tune in for a special two-part edition of Break 90 at Winged Foot, commentated by Brian Baumgartner.

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48 thoughts on “Can EAL Break 90 from the tips on Winged Foot’s US Open Layout? – Front 9

  1. If there is a lesson to be learned after a few holes, it is to put the Driver away and use 3/5 wood to get it on the fairway.

  2. I like the addition of an outside commentator. If you can turn off some of the on course commentating and really find the flow I'd bet you shave off 2-3 strokes. Really like your buddy/caddie, don't worry about the draws/cuts, just find where you want to land it and go from there. Of course my goal is to break 90 on the muni course so what do I know lol

  3. As a talented amateur with a single digit handicap, could he not have played each hole for bogey and then hit fairways? He’s not trying to win the championship. Put the driver away, the rough is clearly too long to miss the fairway for an amateur.

  4. I’ve done that for 14 holes before. I was closed up and in my own way. Opened my stance and shot -1 in the way in for a smooth 86 lol

  5. What an ugly course. Straight fairways and greens, looks like a runway, very few interesting holes. The rough looks pretty reasonable to me, only 4 or 5 inches of grass. Much easier to play out of than gorse or heather. If you can pretty easily advance the ball 100 yards plus then the rough is doing it's job, penalising the player for missing the fairway but not putting them out of the hole. But if you try to hit a 6 iron out of it then you're being greedy and deserve the bad result you get. Club selection throughout was terrible.

  6. This has to be the best course vlog ever. I mean you have a narrator, great filming, hole preview with fly overs. awesome stuff. keep at it

  7. Best one yet! The guest commentary, the course monolouges, the quick word from the MD, all of it gives me so much more appreciation for the pro's that go out there and do it. Thanks for putting yourself through it for my benefit Eric, absolute lad!

    Constructive point…Can we get a gimble or steady cam for when we're walking down the fairways with you?

  8. Honestly I think I’d cry as soon as my ball went in the rough. Good luck, I really hope you succeed.
    On a side note my RGC hat is on its way!!

  9. Love this video, really interesting seeing the course not being played in a competition and the usual TV coverage. Top top quality as usual 👍

  10. This is a great insight into the tough mental side of the game, getting beating up by the course and still trying to enjoy your golf, Great content 😄👊🏾

  11. Cmon. Putt out. Play it out. You're at the US Open. No one cares about your score at an impossible set up. Harvey Penick said it. Junior didn't get his first birdie if he didn't putt it. Embrace the grind. #9doublebogey

    Also thank you for this. It's fun and very enjoyable to see one of our own give it a go.

  12. the whole "I havent warmed up with Driver" is so alien in UK. You turn up to the course and get on the 1st tee – could count on one hand the amount of times I've hit balls before playing!!

  13. I heard a pro say if you're close to a 10 handicap there's no way you can break 100 from the tips. Therefore, EAL breaking 90 should be unlikely. The fairways are small and the greens are massive and tricky.

  14. A good caddie can save you a lot of shots, Erik. I'll consider myself on call for next time. No way I'm letting you hit 6 and 7 irons out of that rough!

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