Can EAL Break 90 from the tips on Winged Foot’s US Open Layout? – Back 9

We are back second half of this special edition of the break 90 challenge. After a difficult front 9, EAL is looking to salvage these next 9 holes. With narrow fairways, and fast, rectilinear greens, Erik is up against PGA tournament conditions from the tips.

Brian Baumgartner, popularly known as “Kevin from the Office,” is also commentating on EAL’s attempt to break 90. The championship course, the “West” course, has hosted five US Opens, the sixth being this year, and one PGA Championship.

Tune in for the back 9 of Break 90 at Winged Foot, commentated by Brian Baumgartner.
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“reckless” by duffmusiq
“me and you” by stefano mastronardi
“city under the surface” by eill
“comets in the keyhole” by albalak
“daydreamer” by stefano mastronardi
“nobody – instrumental version” by jay sanon
“bottle twist” by the guy shani
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31 thoughts on “Can EAL Break 90 from the tips on Winged Foot’s US Open Layout? – Back 9

  1. Douche bag member: “Thanks for playing our course.. I don’t think membership is for you”

    EAL: “yeah well I’m still sponsored by Vice and Taylormade and I’m banging the girl from the golf channel so have fun in the wind with your nipples piercing through your shirt”

  2. Advise ? In my humble opinion, get yourself away from the big brand driver names, too punishing. a Cobra driver, more forgiving, and will give you more chances.

  3. This is obviously a difficult course but it's mostly the rough. Other than that, it's nothing crazy. Erik was just all over the planet off the tee and it's basically a penalty when you get the ball buried 6 inches deep in thick rough.

  4. Good job Eric, thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work.

    Please add a viewer discretion notice on the screen when interviewing the members: “D*ck cam is live”

  5. Yeah shouldn't have attempted to feed the 'big dog', he is always way to hungry and out of control. Always biting the hand that feeds it etc. A nice safe 3 wood surely would've seen that ball go a bit straighter? Who knows, I havent played golf in years. I dont even own clubs. What is this sport anyway?

  6. Great video. Thanks for a preview. Comments seem to be flowing about homie at the end and I think YT has a point. IMO if this guy is a friend/golf buddy then there can be room to jokingly “shit” on another friend but it usually wouldn’t be in the context of money. Instead we have a random stranger talking shit about money in front of your cameras, what a class act.

  7. Yep, the guy is right. Membership isn't for you Erik. You are much too smart and too young to hang out with those kind of people 😉

  8. You did awesome! Esp considering how this course is being drummed up as the hardest ever! You scrambled real good n felt like you were close to doing better…I’m very familiar with that style golf BUT on way easier courses 🤙🏼

  9. I’m sure Erik would of got closer if he had kept his driver in his bag and just used his woods off the tee, but that’s the beauty of golf chasing them scores, like he said it’s addictive

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