Can EAL break 90 from the tips on Harding Park’s PGA Championship Layout? – Front 9

Once again, Erik Anders Lang is back with the break 90 challenge. This time he tees up at TPC Harding Park, the location of the 2020 PGA Championship. Erik is up to the test playing under PGA tournament conditions from the tips at 7,169 yards, par 70. The task of posting a score under 90 is a challenging one. So, Erik, having the advantage of playing at TPC Harding Park many a time, must focus to succeed. What do you think? Will Erik break 90? Tune in for a special two-part edition of break 90 at Harding Park.

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36 thoughts on “Can EAL break 90 from the tips on Harding Park’s PGA Championship Layout? – Front 9

  1. These are the worst fucking guys to golf with. Over analysis and take forever to hit. They are not good enough to take this long

  2. Great content again Erik…. YOU WILL DO IT THIS TIME🤞….
    If you don't let Snowball do the next Break 90😉🐶

  3. Your mentality with golf is the epitome of what it should be, and it’s helped me tremendously as a beginner who has a history of being hard on themselves. Rule 17b has been in full effect the past couple weeks as I figure this out and that’s because I’m able to watch your content, so thank you Erik.

  4. What a beautiful course. Saw Tiger Sergio and Vijay play there like 11 years ago. That cross shaped building that is in the opening shot is an apartment where a lot of sf state students live. Had friends with a room in that building.. lots of good times at that spot in the world. Great vid. Brings back a lot of memories.

  5. How come you don't play with anyone doing these? You have a whole crew with you and you're the only one playing!?

  6. I got my first hole in one yesterday! I hit my 6 iron from 180 out and it hit the green and rolled right in!

  7. The course looks tough!! Watching the PGA right now as well and they are having a tough time!! I think the greens are tough to read from what I am seeing. Nice front 9 Erik!!

  8. Erik is not a true progressive, or environmentalist. Golf course construction harms the environment at an unprecedented rate, and he is okay with it. Think of all the animals displaced in the construction of this course. Also, this land could be used for much better purposes, if you’re going to destroy it. Affordable housing comes to mind. Erik is probably some trump-loving republican and wants all people to die. Sickening.

  9. Your channel is incredible man. Living my dream. Filmmaking and golf in one. Great stuff dude thanks for sharing your talent

  10. Honestly you played 9 better than most of the pros have this week. And your fairway percentage was nice 👌

  11. One thing I don’t think he mentioned during the pre-shots that’ll help folks – always pick where your miss is and select club and swing appropriately. His misses were mostly really pretty good here, leaving good angles to the pin and green to work with. Nice playing!

  12. As a fellow filmmaker and golfer, I’m very stoked I just found out about your channel. Subscribed! Got a lot of content to catch up on. And I’m loving the cinematography. What are you shooting on? And that color grade is on point. Also, on a side note, your sunglasses are fire. What are they?

  13. That’s the right attitude EAL. Just have fun. You get to play a major championship layout. Relax and embrace the beat down haha. Great playing!

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