Can a 4 HCP beat 3 x 18 HCP’s in a Scratch Better Ball? (feat Bad Golf Channel)

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20 thoughts on “Can a 4 HCP beat 3 x 18 HCP’s in a Scratch Better Ball? (feat Bad Golf Channel)

  1. try the par 3s on bali national mate, the 18th in particular is a naughty island green. maybe 10 metres in width with 150 to run.

  2. Seb your friend James has a really nice swing and oversley a natural. You could do a cool video where u get him kitted out with Taylor made clubs

  3. Seb on one your most recent videos I asked about your 60 degree wedge. After testing a few different wedges I went for the Cobra King PUP/PUR – was able to get it into the range I needed on a regular basis compared to the other clubs available but I'm struggling with it green side but I think that's more to do with the fact I didn't really use my wedges green side as I have a chipper.
    Really enjoyed that video – looking forward to the other videos

  4. Good video. Really should've let them scramble or given them a stroke or two. Its hard for an 18 hdc to win a hole straight up against a 4.

  5. I’ve got the perfect video idea for a 4 way golf YouTube tournament

    You and Mini McIlroy
    Tubes and Big Ange
    Alex and John
    Golfmates and Josh Bell Golf

    The best 2 on 2 golf video you will see!
    whichever format you want

  6. Think this is the way YouTube golf needs to go – so much more enjoyable and relatable watching handicapped golfers, instead of pros doing the same old content week after week

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