Can a 4 Handicap Go UNDER PAR With An On FIRE Driver?? Full 18 Hole Course Vlog.

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What a fantastic golf course Hadley Wood is. Alastair MacKenzie designed (the man that designed Augusta National) and you can see some similarities for sure. This was my full 18 hole course vlog trying to break par, with every shot shown and some nice new shot tracers as well!

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22 thoughts on “Can a 4 Handicap Go UNDER PAR With An On FIRE Driver?? Full 18 Hole Course Vlog.

  1. Yes Seb more please and yes seeing your last video as a farther and new granddad myself damn those onions

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Love course vlogs, been following Erik Anders Lang recently and his are a treat to watch, but the graphics and cinematography on yours are just on point.
    Enjoying the commentary, the shot on 9:40 was an absolute nutter, keep at it! More of these would be great πŸ™‚
    Also a suggestion; if your camera's can record 120fps or higher (I think I saw a c200 mkii on a tripod somewhere in this vid if I'm not mistaken) you should utilise that sometimes, love watching swings in slow-motion.

    Cheers from Amsterdam!<3

  3. Great video mate, should try and get out to loads of different courses, would enjoy that. Maybe make a series where you play with subscribers to involve them, I’d welcome you north of the border πŸ‘πŸΌ

  4. First time commenting. Enjoyed watching that. No fluff, and just a nice round of golf with good commentary.

  5. Loved this video seb! It's the way to go for the future, golfholics, Eric Anders Lang and now you perfect πŸ‘Œ

  6. Great video Seb thanks! Would be interested to see the lessons / drills you do to work on the driver left & irons right.

  7. New subscriber, great content. Love that you do the commentary over the video rather than on the course. meaning your concentrating on yoyr golf.

  8. For someone whose trying to get back into golf and lower their handicap, I love this style of video! Talking through your shots, and realising your mistake to then learn from them! Keep it up and keep them Coming!

  9. Cracking video love the shot by shot analysis and top class content as always πŸ”₯

    As much as some of the mistakes you make I can feel for the frustration I must say it's almost refreshing for someone at an 18 handicap to see!

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