Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha (1997) Vs Callaway X Hot (2013) Driver

Callaway Great Big Bertha (1997) Vs Callaway X Hot (2013)
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester tests the Callaway Great Big Bertha 1997 and the Callaway X Hot 2013. Rick will be hitting 5 good shots which each club and see which goes furthest, Straightest, easiest to hit and giving his professional opinion. Does 16 years of golf club development make us hit the golf ball much further? Watch and find out!

41 thoughts on “Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha (1997) Vs Callaway X Hot (2013) Driver

  1.      Nice video, but I do not see any reason you could not get a lot more carry.  Maybe spend a little more time away from the computer and watch some NFL football.  I had a Spalding persimmon that got 253 carry with a Top Flight range ball (nice draw, still a good club) and a Cleveland Highbore 9.5  UST v2 stiff that carried at least 280 easily (the pine trees at the range are at 260).  The Maltby got well over the trees through a drizzle.  Look out for my dvd and training package.  I have a lot of shoulder and neck issues so I really have to know what I am doing.  Just do not drink too much when watching football or you may put someone on the ground playing golf. 

  2. Rick,   I have been using the same Big Bertha since 1997.  Same grips.   Same everything.  Probably has some of the same dirt and grass stains from 1997 and I've been hitting the ball a ton (250 to 275)  I nearly purchased a new driver after someone younger noticed mine and commented, "Wow.  That's an oldie."  Sort of like hearing some young buck hype up a remake of a song only to realize the person playing it doesn't realize there was an original version.  But, I refuse to waste 400 for what would amount to improved aesthetics.  Besides, it adds character.   The three golfers I typically golf with are amazed at the distance and control compared to their newest models.  Ultimately, you are right.  It comes down to the lessons and proper form.  If only I can transfer the success of the '97 club to my short game…

  3. I recently picked up a set of 1996 GBB irons and a Biggest Big Bertha driver. They all have "Firm Flex" graphite shafts. Is that the same as stiff shaft?

  4. I remember the craze around the Big Bertha when it came out. I was using metal woods at the time switching from wooden ones. They were so highly priced that the average hacker couldn't touch them. Now everyone can afford this stuff. The newer stuff seems to have brought golf to many folk who maybe missed the cut years ago which is a god thing, but lessons would defo iron out areas where those people would be consistently failing on. No new stuff is going to cure someone pushing a drive on every hole.

  5. Thanks a bunch, I am just getting back into the game after quitting over 16 years ago.  Now I do think I'll pick up a Bargain Bertha.  Will be a big step from my Ti-shafted Taylormade of old.  (keeping the Tour Blades though-always).

  6. Love to see how the 2002 erc2 would go against the latest callaway, I think it could outdrive it, amazing distance with the right connection on swing

  7. I got the callaway war bird the old one on the left yesterday from my grand dad 🙂

  8. Thanks for your demo.
    The older Great Big Bertha drivers usually had a shaft that was not low torque. This creates a bit of movement when hitting the club. They were a lot more forgiving then then many of the competitors drivers of that time. As a friendly suggestion it would add to your technical side of your demonstrations if you included the torque, flex, weight of the shafts, club face position (closed, neutral, open) and length of the shafts that are being used. Although each person will be fitted differently there are a good number of golfers who would be close to your specs.

  9. I have the old school GRR 10.5 and I live it… I prefer it over my regular 460cc driver… I hit is farther and it feels like I'm hitting my 3 wood 🙂 Great vid!

  10. The longest drive I ever hit on a flat fairway was with the callaway Big Bertha (The one before the GBB)…295 yards….of course that was back when I was a rather young golfer so I'm sure my club head speed was faster than today.

  11. What some people may not remember is that this club cost £500 new when it first came out. This is nearly £850 in todays money. I dont know of any £500 off the shelf drivers available today. Compared to my Callaway deuce (2 wood) the head seemed huge.  The Biggest Big Bertha that came out around 2 years later seemed even larger.  The RCH shafts played soft to flex.  I have played regular shafts in my woods all my life but needed a firm shaft in my first callaway.

  12. I am a beginner and have been given a set of clubs which contains a Callaway Biggest Big Bertha 10 degree driver which I believe is 290cc. As I don't have the budget for a new Callaway or similar my question is would I be better off using the old BBB or buying a budget 460cc driver?

  13. I have a big Bertha 5 wood from when my golf pro shops 2nd hand bag. I bought it when I  started playing golf and didn't want to spend much money because I didnt have it (Im 15 btw). My big bertha 5 WOOD out drives my Ping G10 driver!

  14. Rick, watching this now it seems you've literally gained 50 yards in under 2 years…would you agree with that assessment? As it's difficult to believe but clearly now you're hitting it 315ish on good drives as opposed to here around 260!

  15. Great test Rick, one thing I remember is that back in the day Callaway shafts were without doubt Crap so hence your dispersion problems. the old Callaway with a new shaft maybe a lot closer in distance and dispersion me thinks.

  16. This also confirms my testing on the launch monitor. I don't think the faces are that much better but I think the shafts are leaps and bounds better than they used to be.

    My 7.5 degree Cleveland launcher 460 is AVERAGING 335 (after roll) on the launch monitor but there were many push pulls fades and draws. The shaft was Grafalloy prolite x 35 gram. I bought a Big Birtha DBD 815 alpha with adila tour green TX 85 shaft 8 degree setting gravity core in the up position and the distance actually went down 5 yards! But the driver was almost perfectly straight. I made so many swings that would have hooks with the prolite that are just slight draws with the new shaft. I think the new shafts allow us to swing harder without too much punishment

  17. Am I the only who hit the older smaller headed driver a lot better than new big drivers?
    Anything with head size bigger than 399cc I'm terrible with it,always putting high backspin with either a hook or slice shots.
    With smaller heads not a problem I can hit it straight and still be able to work it both ways when I want.
    Hitting Ping G30 on the trackman the other day and all my shots averaged over 3600 rpm of back spin can even hit straight shots with it!
    At this point I think I would better off with persimmon driver…

  18. Hmmm. That's weird. Just watched your Cobra Amp Cell vs. Callaway XHot and you were doing 300+ yards with the XHot. Must be the conditions…

  19. Great video. I guess it shows that there is not much to technology. 5 yards difference isn't a big change from old to new.. So i guess the technology doesn't matter.

  20. That 1996-97 Great Big Bertha was explosive and super long. It was huge when it came out, its so funny to see the new drivers almost 2 x the size. I'll always remember hitting the 1996 GBB for the 1st time at the range, the ball just went completely out of site, I couldn't believe it. I shot 76 at Pebble beach with an 8 degree Great Big Bertha in 1996. I'm pretty sure the original GBB came out in 1995.

  21. Golf ball technology over that time could account for the R&A results alone. At in a longer shaft nowadays and you perhaps have solved the riddle.

  22. After watching this video, I bought a GBB for $20.00 on Ebay, the best thing I've ever done, it's LONG, and straight. I could not ever get comfortable looking down at those 460cc heads, I had myself convinced I was going to smother the ball, and I usually did. GBB is 295cc, hit the sweet spot and it is hugely long !

  23. Another idea would be if you used the same shafts in both heads and check the data! Awesome video again.

  24. I wanted to buy a new driver as i was struggling with driver and getting max 250 so i went to titleist and callaway to check out there 917 and sub zero . I was asked to shell out a bomb i just has a question to the retailer/ distributor willl this if i buy willmake my drive go 300 to 350 yards. He looked at me and said no . Then the question is why are u selling it and whats the usp for selling at such exhorbitant prices of 500 -600 usd.

  25. played with the 9* warbird for years, handed it down to my brother who still uses it. Was a great club for hitting off the fairways down long par 5's when your tee shot was less than ideal. Actually took me a season to get adjusted to my first big headed driver. The feeling was really different, felt like a fairway more than a driver by todays standards. Fantastic club though, I think a lot of guys had it in their bag in the 90's.

  26. I remember the first time I ever saw a Biggest Big Bertha driver. I couldn't believe how big it was. I thought it looked like a coconut on the end of a stick. Lol.

  27. In 1997-00 I used a 8 degree GBB with Grafolly Black S Flex. I used to hit some very long drives with it. Massive roll out!!

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