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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre test the new CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA ALPHA DRIVER on GC2 with real golf balls to see how it compares. See if CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA ALPHA DRIVER will improve your golf game and make you a much better golfer. Thanks for watching and please do subscribe


  1. Rick, your l to r dispersion was vastly better with the CG higher despite the increase in back spin. Why do you think this is?

  2. I seen a couple of reviews for this driver now.  I'm a little disappointed to see they all seem to get small differences in backspin between the two core positions. 

  3. Another good review, interesting that swapping the core around didn't make much difference. Number wise the i25 still seems longer on average and all it's distances a lot closer together, although seems like you like the look of this better which I can understand as not a fan of the racing stripes much either. But the i25 definitely gave you an easier time hitting it to get those numbers than this Alpha did.

  4. Rick, thanks for another great review. I am curious to see if you would get similar numbers if you were to plug in the Alpha's Fubuki ZT shaft in the standard Bertha…

  5. Hey Rick just wondering if you could do some shoot outs alpha vs i25 vs sldr etc? I watched your old review of the sldr on flight scope but am curious how it stacks up directly against the alpha and i25 on the gc2. Obviously the stock taylor shafts are junk so that makes getting a fair comparison tough but I'm still curious.

  6. A great review. I will say as well this club was really a bit unexpected in it's performance. I am back and forth between it and the new Bio Cell standard, which is also a much improved club as well. I am interested to see your review on it as well.

  7. pretty cool, the other difference of note was you had 2.9 dispersion in first set, and 10.9 in the second with one shot well off line.  That fun trade off of backspin vs. side spin — the less backspin you have the more side spin affects the ball flight.  Also it seemed your best drives had your highest launch, like the SLDR…maybe these low spin drivers you need to Loft Up.  Cool New Project X shafts for this club just appeared on Callaway channel.  Of course the real challenge is will your score improve more with a new driver or putting the same dollars into lessons or TPI style training, increase that club head speed.

  8. Hey rick. Just wondering if the recent longer drives you have been having have anything to do with the latest videos you released about creating lag and better grip for more distance. You may have got the extra distance from your tips and not the clubs. Haha. What do you think?

  9. Watch a lot of your reviews, agree with the Big Bertha to a certain extent, but the Aplha is a beast!! Far more carry and I have run,never known. I am a -1 handicapper and loved the look and feel of it, thanks Rick

  10. It doesn't make much sense to show average dispersions alone, i would encourage you to hit 20-25 balls with each core weight setting and calculate proper standard deviations which ultimately will relate much better to the %fairways hit. Great review, keep it up!

  11. Hi Rick i have not posted on your reviews before, thanks for a honest and factual review of this bat.  I would say that the core thingy is the last of the possible tweaks that would make a difference, i have one of these clubs too and while i don't think its a gimmick as i have tested it both ways i definitely would switch the core up for windy days or winter golf as it will i believe reduce the level of plugging in the rough or faraway.

  12. Rick, love the videos. Keep up the good work.

    In your review of the TaylorMade R15, you mentioned how spreading the two weights apart as far as they can go would make it a more forgiving driver. Would this be the same for the BB Alpha? If you put, for example, two five gram weights in the toe and heel, would that create the same effect? Thanks

  13. Hi Rick, 
    Great work with the channel.
    I just picked up the BB Alpha from a bargain bin and do not know what the high/low setting setting with the gravity core. Could you help?? 

  14. Just watched this because this driver has been in my bag this season. It's interesting that you mentioned your drives are typically around 275 carry. Your newer videos have you carrying your drives over 300 now routinely. Would you say that is due to equipment or swing changes?

  15. Hello Rick. I know this video is 4 years old, and was just wondering if at the time did you mess around with the 2 side weights? I have this driver aa well as the alpha 816, and have never really messed with them. I think they are 7 grams and 1 gram ( the numbers are small and hard to read). Do the basically open and close the face? Great videos and keep up the awesome work.

  16. Hi Rick. Would you consider doing a head-to-head against the 2019 models. Pick your best drivers from up to 10 years agi against the newest ones…….yes I know you have done similar but I like seeing how clubs have evolved or not.

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