Callaway Apex Pro Irons

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Callaway Apex Pro Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the new Apex Pro irons from Callaway golf and talks about its feel, looks and performance with the help of numbers from GC2 HMT. The forged Callaway Apex Pro irons are aimed at better golfers who can strike the golf ball near the middle of the golf club more often. From the old Ben Hogan golf club age the Apex brand is being revisited by Callaway golf with this new golf iron.

24 thoughts on “Callaway Apex Pro Irons

  1. Hi Mark, watch all your videos, great work. I am a -1 handicapper. Currently have xhot pro with project x 6.0 shafts. Looking at either x2hot pro or a combo of Apex 4,5,6. Then Apex Pro 7,8,9,pw. With the same shaft, thoughts?

  2. How do these stack up against the x-forged 2013? I picked up a set of them this year and love them. Most of what I've read say that the 2013 X-forged are callaway's best players iron to date. Are these any better or worse?

  3. Great videos Mark, these irons are now in my bag and match up very well with the KBS tour V shafts
    Changed from X forged 09's which I liked lots but defo made a good decision changing up….Callaway Rock right now across the board 😉

  4. didnt really like the standard apex but the pro felt great and was getting amazing numbers as well in terms of distance but the feeling u get from striking the ball exactly right with this club is fenomenal

  5. How do these compare for forgiveness to the MP-53s Mark? I'm seriously thinking of replacing mine for the Apex Pro but I can't test them as I live in a very remote area.

  6. Went yesterday at the callaway fitting centre in chessington and got these bad boys with a true temper dynamic gold S300 shaft. The fitting centre was amazing and really recommend to go there! Also got the x2 hot woods..
    ( Handicap 6.6 )

  7. i was wondering mark, you tough us, in your videos, how to play golf… but i haven't see yet the complete trajectory of your golf balls, especially with you driver. I would look at that with special attention. Thanks a lot. god speed

  8. i have ping g15s and met this guy on the range with callaway apex pros and the way that ball leaves the club face is just indescribable. great trajectory and for distance control I'm definitely looking to buy my self a set

  9. Traded in my taylormade rocketbladez tour irons for the Callaway Apex Forged Irons as the Taylormades are a cast head and Cannot be adjusted enough for me to play golf correctly.
    So picked up my new Callaway irons with KBS TOUR V STIFF SHAFTS and hit the driving range.
    Well what a great club they are. Nice soft feel, no vibrations,and fitted properly as they have a forged head.
    I have gone from 140 meters with a 6iron from the taylormade irons, up to 155 meters with the Callaways, with less effort and more accuracy.
    Great set of quality irons that can be fitted correctly to your swing, and the KBS shafts are top quality as well. My Handicap with Taylormades not fitted correctly due to cast heads= 28 … My handicap with these newly fitted and lovely feeling irons = 11… life is worth living again! Yipeeee !

  10. I just got a set from a friend who bought them at a garage sale for $200 and I got them for $250. What an amazing deal"

  11. just hit these. Fantastic. Incredible look at set up. smooth and strong. 1100 bucks is a bit out of my price range though haha. 

  12. Mark,
    Your videos are great and have helped me groove my game on a variety of topics.
    Keep up the great work!

    Ron Lambert. 

  13. Just got fitted and bought them. Be in the bag when they come it. Felt great during the simulator, excited to play a round with them.

  14. Its a shame callaway stole the hogan design. Im glad Hogan has blown Callaway out of the water with the new fort worth irons.

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