Callaway Apex Irons

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Callaway Apex Irons review by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the Callaway Apex iron and talks distance from GC2 HMT launch monitor, feel, looks and how the club could help your golf game. Callaway are using the old Ben Hogan brand of Apex to launch its new range and see if they have done the classic old clubs any justice. Play your best golf and have fun at the same time with Mark Crossfield’s easy to follow and fun to watch golf videos.

30 thoughts on “Callaway Apex Irons

  1. The Pro version is the one piece forged. This has a non forged Carpenter steel insert that still feels pretty good. My brother is playing the pro but the reg Apex in the long irons…and loves them!! He slightly changed the lofts to match up.

  2. Mark you reviewed the bio cell irons, you got 32 peak height with a 7 iron & said maybe a bit low but u were very pleased with it… Now u review the apex irons and get the same height in a 6 iron & it's too low? Huh?
    Obviously had u tested a 7 iron like u did in bio cell u would've received even higher flight? So how can 32 in a 7 iron be OK (bio cell) but 32 in a 6 iron (apex) be too low? Don't get it. Confused.

  3. I hit these at the golf show in my area back in February, while I did not have a launch monitor for the numbers. But side by side comparing the feel, sound, and look with JPX EZ, TM speedblade, I absolutely love the APEX. These would be #1 on my wishlist, now if I could just win the lotto….

  4. So, I just spent my Christmas present at the Galaxy.  I spent about 2 hours hitting a dozen different clubs.  I ended up choosing these honeys.  I am a mid/high handicapper (ex softball player) and for me they felt like I was hitting a home run with every swing.  I've been holding out for about 15 years playing my Titleist DCI Blacks so the jump in technology was huge. I did the custom fitting and ended up with a +.5 in length, and +2 lie in the KBS C tapered S shafts.  On the simulator I was carrying the 6 185 yards and dead down the middle, that's a 15 to 20 yard gain and way more accurate  All that being said when I get them in 2-3 weeks and get a few rounds under my belt I hope I am as pleased.  For now they are a beautiful looking club with great balance/feel and a sound that is just phenomenal.  I'm on pins and needles waiting to play them.

  5. awesome irons, bought a set today. Spin speeds were so much more consistent than anything else i tried (Mizunos etc), and was getting 8-9 yes further with a 7 iron than others i tried. Forgiving yes, but they really leap off the face, and in a good way. Cannot wait to take them out on the course tomorrow.  

  6. Ordered these with UST Recoil shafts fantastic given me 15-20 yards on a 6 iron. Just love them. Tried Titleist AP1, Mizuno JPX EZ Forged , Speedblades and I20's in swing studio and on range. IMHO Blew them all away and great feel.

  7. Attended a Callaway Demo Day today — honestly, I thought I had found the best iron ever when I bought my 800 Pro's — but the feel, weight, length, flight of the Apex truly blew me away!  I still love my 800 Pro's, but these Apexes are at least as nice and very powerful and workable.

  8. I bought these with the KBS TOUR c-taper 130X shaft, and they are just amazing!! Best shaft and club I have ever played. I play at 8,2 hcp, so for "low" hcp players, they are fantastic! It gave me at least 10-15meters with extra length to each club!!

  9. Dear mark, I have G15 irons and I want to change my irons. My handicap is 19. I have tried the apex irons and they go further with more back spin!! Can you please do a video on your yardage difference between these two irons! Please Please Please do a vidoe.

  10. Absolutely amazing irons. For any one on the fence about these clubs, (high or low handicap) they are worth every penny. I have about 15 rounds in and still can't believe how good these clubs feel. Beautiful sound, great control and feel. Thanks for the review Mark!

  11. I'm an amateur golfer and played with this iron today, it is damn good. I got 4 pars today wooohooo! The feel is just nice, accuracy fantastic, easy to swing. Highly recommended! suitable for golfer handicap >20. 

  12. I've definitely hit and seen these irons often being that I work at a serious club, and I have to say, mark isn't kidding with the lines, the x forged is the same way, they are both white completely and they look fantastic down by the ball

  13. hi mark, im a 15 hcp, i want to now if the apex pro is a club for me( im a felling player). can you recomend me a set of irons??

  14. I recently bought a set of these irons and they are great. Firstly I have had my first ever hole in one, won the second division medal – moved up to division one, then came second in the next medal. Seriously my iron play has changed dramatically in terms of distance and accuracy. I bought the 4 – AW set. At the range today and my PW was going 135 yards!

  15. Mark, if responses to comments are too much to ask, then you are what us Americans refer to as a Diva. Maybe your too good to respond to your followers.

  16. I have these irons in my bag and just love them.  The feel solid but not too solid.  Recently had a tee shot go right into some trees and was able to hit 177 yard high draw with a 7 iron (normally would use a 6 for this type of shot) out and over the trees to within 5 feet on an elevated green and I typically have a hard time hitting a draw.  Can't say enough about these clubs, they are just awesome.

  17. Friend of mine has these had a hit with them the other day and they are an awesome iron with a great feel if I wasn't so ping bias on irons I'd be getting the pro version

  18. I have these irons. I'm 17 and can hit the 7 iron on these clubs 160 compared to a ping eye set 7 iron 145. About a 16 handicap, not the best player but these irons are the best clubs over ever used. Along with titleist 913 fairway woods and an r9 driver.

  19. Best irons I have ever used.  Had them for ~8 months now and couldn't be more pleased.  I love them so much, here I am re-watching this video anyway.  They feel, sound, and look fantastic.  I highly recommend them…   (13 ghin handicap)

  20. Mark, thanks for your great videos.  Could you please compare the Callaway Apex irons to the new Callaway XR pro irons?  That would be a very helpful comparison.  Thanks and keep the informative videos coming.

  21. Great Irons, just tested and purchased after a fitting with Doug Emma at True Spec Golf in NYC, fantastic feel and distance. Many thanks for the review. Neil T

  22. I went to the store to buy AP2's. I tried Titleist AP2, Mizuno JPX850 forged, Mizuno EZ Forged, Callaway XR Pro and Callaway Apex. The Apexes were easily the best feeling of those for me. By far the easiest to hit and maybe second to the JPX850 Forged when I hit it flush. It was close, but it's hard to beat Mizuno when you strike it perfectly. I just bought a set of the Apexes today, can't wait to retire my 15 year old DCI981s and take the Apexes to the course.

  23. Ive had my X20's for 7 years now and i still truly love them, shot 79 today and I'm happy but i feel its time to move on and I'm always terrified incase i move to the wrong club for my swing and regret it but i think i will just go for the apex irons as the reviews seem excellent.

  24. Hi Mark, would you say these irons are suited for mid or low handicappers? I am playing off a 14 but over the winter have been working with my pro and he has improved my ball striking and now I'm thinking about a change this season…been using the XHots for past 4 years and starting to get the itch for a change between these or the XR's.

  25. Hi Mark, great reviews, love your videos. How do you think these compare forgiveness wise to the TM Rocketbladez tour irons? I need help on days when I'm not striking it well 🙂

  26. I had my eye on these irons for a while. Finally made the switch yesterday from my callaway x20 tour irons. I averaged about ten yards farther carry on the Apex. Can't wait to hit them on a course soon!

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