Breaking out the Bulldog at Brautarholt

In the second episode of the Iceland Vlogs, Erik and Stu continue to explore golf around Reykjavík. Their next stop is Brautarholt Golf Course, a 14-hole course (at the time) that is 30 minutes outside the city. With dramatic scenery and breathtaking views, this small Iceland course is one that can’t be beaten. The crew even breaks out the Hickory aka “The Bulldog.” Will it live to see another day? Find out by turning in to episode 2 of the Iceland Vlogs.

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22 thoughts on “Breaking out the Bulldog at Brautarholt

  1. I played this course when I went to Iceland in 2016 or 17. Was really hoping you were going to get to this one! Its incredible one of the best courses I’ve ever played! Unfortunately I didn’t have as nice weather 🤣

  2. You know the video is going to be good when it starts with those stunning drone shots !! 🛩️
    Iceland is moving way up on my next travel destination.

  3. Stunning visuals. Good times had by all.

    And now, unasked for comments from the peanut gallery:

    With these vlogs, sometimes I wish there was a little more focus on the course itself. I feel like we get a little taste of it, then some scenes of you guys being goofy (which is fun!), an interview with a local, and then the epic drone shots. But, your experience of the actual course architecture seems like a footnote, especially when it comes across like you're squeezing in a few holes on your way to something else. That's my favorite thing about the shot for shot vids… we actually get a look at the whole course. I realize this one isn't trying to be that, but maybe there's a happy medium?

    Regardless, love your work, keep it up.

  4. who is doing the sound mixing for the recent videos? so all over the place. content is great but I turn the volume up to hear the conversations and then the transition music blasts in way over the top. Makes it real hard to get away with watching this at work…

  5. I am a firm believer that this channel deserves far more of a following, the video quality is outstanding every single time. Love it

  6. Damn its crazy to see the camera/footage get better over the past year. I find watching this extremely washed out and jittery

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