Bill Rogers wins at Royal St George’s | The Open Official Film 1981

In 1981 The Open returned to Royal St George’s for the first time in 32 years after new road links had made Sandwich more accessible.

A new generation of professionals would get to know the links and it was one with no prior knowledge who triumphed.

Rogers almost missed his tee-time on the first day, but it had nothing to do with his unfamiliarity with the venue and everything to do with misreading the starting list.

He was on the practice putting green when journalist John Whitbread noticed he was in the wrong place and Rogers ran to the first tee just in time. Four rounds later, after playing the golf of his life, Rogers admitted it would have been a completely different story had Whitbread not intervened.

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4 thoughts on “Bill Rogers wins at Royal St George’s | The Open Official Film 1981

  1. I am 75 and have watched major golf all my life. Who the heck is Bill Rogers?? lol. Looked him up. Never heard of him but good for him.

  2. man, the GREENS are like shag carpet. Can you imagine hitting the ball that hard on greens today? The ball would wind up back on the tee box

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