A golf backswing drill to help get a better golf backswing


  1. Great video, I always have a sore back after golf, perhaps I'm tipping into the reverse position without even knowing it. Will need to invest in a mirror for the garage so I can check this drill.

  2. Pierce's club face looks open when he's doing his practice swing. Can you she'd some light on this because I'm struggling with open club face and now it's even more confusing after watching your video drill with the clothe hanger. Thanks

  3. Hi Andy and Piers, when i do this drill i feel like i am actually closing the club face and eventually hitting hook shots, need some help please!  thanks

  4. The clarity of the illustration is very helpful as I have trouble shortening my backswing. Now I see it is due my wrists being too stiff leading to an elbow collapse. Great video!

  5. Could it also be that if you have a to weak grip that you can not set the left wrist properly? I mean you need some heelpad of the left hand on top of the grip to push the buttend away?

  6. 2:05 the back swing collapses because you said I'm not flexible enough to do this. Is there something I can do for flexibility to keep that left arm straight while rotating further back?

  7. THANK YOU! 🙂 I have been struggling with a self-composed swing, just getting worse from 16 point over 9 holes and down each day to 9 points yesterday. Took this video to the range then out on front 9, BOOM! 23 points 😀

  8. I can get the 90 degree wrist hinge on the way back but if I try to hold it on the way down there's a problem. Works okay with irons but I run into trouble with other clubs. Normally hit wayyyy behind and feels like there isn't enough room to bring the club through..

  9. Awesome video. Why is it you guys never look like you are muscling up on the downswing? It looks to me like your downswing is effortless, just gravity doing its thing. Maybe because I'm older – 63 – I feel I need to add "muscle" so I swing harder to make up for getting older. I'm afraid if I swung down with "no effort" like you two, the ball would not go very far. Thoughts?

  10. You guys are great! i Have been playing for 15 years and had a steady handicap of about 18-20. i have since found your youtube channel and have been using your drills and tips over the past year. Practicing 2 a week . i can now say i play an honest 11-12 handica. Thanks Guys

  11. do you guys keep your hands (left and right) relatively close to your body on your backswing? wouldn't that create tension on the shoulders?

  12. Thanks for the video I have been struggling to have the right swing to hit the ball correctly so it helps a lot for all the absolute beginner's like me

  13. Enjoy all your videos, what about a video for players with too short a backswing? I can make a good full practice backswing but when there is a ball to hit I can't help but to swing short, my hands never get higher than my shoulder. Thanks to both of you.

  14. Hi Guys, I play off 5 and have always had a problem with my over-swing causing a slight bend in the left arm and when I'm not quite on it my timing is all over the place. After watching this swing tip, I took it to the course without having time to it practice and the thought of creating the full body turn as my club has reached vertical has cracked my problem straight away, I not only controlling my back-swing far better but kept better balance and reached the striking area with more clubhead speed. Cheers lads, Awesome… Beers on me. You'll have to come to the Royal Malta to get it though, Richard.

  15. Have you guys any advice about the different mindset between a bounce game and when we have a card in our hand!! Sometimes I blow up in competition rounds….

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