Best Chips, Pitches and Flops of the Year | Best of 2020

The best chip-ins from the 2020 season on the European Tour.


Welcome to the Official YouTube channel of the European Tour. Every week you can find extended tournament highlights and individual player highlights from the likes of Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose and Tommy Fleetwood in events on the Race to Dubai. This is also the home of the 14 Club Challenge, Little Interviews, Fastest Hole and many more challenges, pranks and world record attempts featuring the biggest golfers in the world.


12 thoughts on “Best Chips, Pitches and Flops of the Year | Best of 2020

  1. There's something about short game stuff that I love more than anything… I'm far from a decent golfer but I love pulling off a precise little pitch or a high flop shot, landing it just where you wanted to. Just really satisfying… though these guys are just a different level.

  2. This is the difference between Euro Tour and PGA Tour clips – the Euro Tour clips will show highlights of genuinely difficult shots pulled off with skill, and the PGA Tour highlights will only show or focus on hole-outs…

    Keep up the good stuff Euro Tour 🙂

  3. theres just something about seeing a chip-in that makes a person feel all warm and fuzzy, i cant imagine what the golfer must feel

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