Backswing Plane and Wrist Set Drill

Backswing plane and wrist set drill with Meandmygolf PGA Professional Piers Ward

22 thoughts on “Backswing Plane and Wrist Set Drill

  1. love the way you guys teach things helped me alot i got a tournament tomorrow and hopefully i can make it to state thanks

  2. One of my biggest issues was my takeaway. I was always told bring the club back to me, but I would always be lifting the club to do so. I tried this drill and it seemed to work. I seem to be getting more torque and whip in my swing now, as opposed to before. My shoulder turn is better, and now the results are coming, albeit, slowly. Thanks for a great tip.

  3. Hi Loren. Thanks for subscribing. Glad you like our videos. Our mission is to help people understand this game better and hopefully improve along the way. Just let us know if you have any questions, we will do our best to answer them.

  4. Have always struggled with lifting on the backswing. Does your left arm and rotate or are recommending just pushing your left arm/wrist past your right hip and then hinge the club?

  5. Thanks again for another great video! I was however wondering whether you can make a video of a full swing using a camera in front and another in the back as opposed to one down the line and one face on. I believe the rear camera may help answer some of the other details that I and perhaps other viewers are not able to pick up from the face on or the down the line camera. Thanks you

  6. Hi Blanche. From our point of view we wouldn't suggest pushing the club away. for the simple reason that we want your body and arms to work in sync. As you torso rotates, so will your arms. Let the body swing the arms, this will help sequence your backswing better. Hope that answers your question?

  7. Hi Merdad. Thanks for the comment. Would be glad to do a video from the rear view. What is it you are looking for from that view? Do you have any questions on this?

  8. "Over the top" is the correct term. It just means you swing path is a little too much to the left (if you're right handed). It sounds like your face position isn't too bad. you need to get the club swinging a little more to the right. Have you seen our head cover drill?

  9. Thanks for your prompt reply. I would like to pay close attention to the position and orientation of the hands at top, club face, arms, legs and hips and also the lateral movement from the rear view in slow motion if possible. in fact if you can put the front and the rear view side by side it would be fantastic. Thanks again

  10. A really important concept explained simply by a gifted teacher.  It has improved my striking, consistency and distance very quickly.  Fun to practice too.

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