Backswing Golf Lesson To Stop Your Slice

PGA Golf Professionals Piers ward and Andrew Proudman talk about backswing plane and how it can affect your slice.

29 thoughts on “Backswing Golf Lesson To Stop Your Slice

  1. Hi guys. Good video, Do you recommend the same amount of early wrist set with the driver as you do with the irons ?

  2. Exactly the same path for the irons yes. the only difference is the plane is more upright due to the club. No change in the swing though!

  3. Love the videos guys, they've helped me a lot, but please invest in a second microphone for Piers as he's hard to hear. Otherwise I turn it up to 100% to hear Piers, then Andy's voice blows my ears off 🙂

  4. I've tried doing this and now I have a reverse pivot at the beginning then I back up on the down swing causing the occasional topping of the ball with the driver. Can you help with these issues? Some drills with video?

  5. Hi guys. Great series of videos. Couple of questions. One, would you recommend rolling of the right ankle on the downswing? And two, I have a couple of recurring problems in my game. One is my drives tend to leak a bit to the right and two, I sometimes shank with my pitches. Are the problems related?

  6. A good way is to place something next to the right leg and as you swing to the top, maintain contact. This will help stabilize your lower body. Maybe use a chair or alignment stick. Hope this helps.

  7. A slight roll of the right ankle in the downswing is good yes. The weight will shift to the inside of the foot then you can rotate on to the toe. This will help with a good weight shift! The problems will be related and more than likely from the sounds of it. Your downswing is probably slightly over the swing plane in the downswing. I would use some feedback next to the golf ball to avoid hitting the heel and force you to swing more from the inside. Hope that helps.

  8. lads i like watching ur videos. i do have two questions:
    (i) how does a faulty backswing affect the downswing. e.g. if i take the club on the outside like lee trevino what will this mean for my ball flight on the down swing.
    (ii) how does one develop a good back swing? (because you don't really know what you are doing as you are doing the back swing?)

  9. another cracking video guys. I've been guilty of the straight back takeaway for a lonmg time myself, this really helps. cheers

  10. should the downswing be on a different (narrower) path than the backswing?
    more of a loop slighly "out" then more inside?

  11. The downswing should definitely be narrower than the backswing Gordon yes but it doesn't have to be a different path. Some players will do this and that is fine but I wouldn't tryto have two different paths. Ideally we would like to see it "on plane on the way back and the way down. the most important of the two being the downswing.

  12. Would you use the same swing on irons too? I am one of those flat swingers and the lesson you demonstrated is the way I usually swing,but I have a little problem on my iron play.Thanks for the lesson.

  13. Play with others who are your same level. This can help your confidence. As a beginning golfer choose to play easy courses with other golfers who are just starting to play. Playing difficult holes, or with golfers who are experts, will only end up making the game less fun.

  14. I really needed to see this video! I have been struggling as of late and had some swing thoughts about what I used to do when I had a flatter swing and was hitting a ball straight or with a draw.  This video confirms my thoughts and feelings about my swing. Thanks guys!

  15. I've watched every single drill video over the course of 2 weeks and I am now applying it at the range and wow been 4 times now and my accuracy and range have improved from 50% to 90% I think I'm ready for the course so thanks a bunch guys saved me a lot of time and money going to watch all the other videos now

  16. I don't have the contraption you show on screen but just thinking about the takeaway and keeping it low has helped my swing entirely, combined with the other shoulder turn and follow through (the only time in your life you want to follow through) vids, my swing looks and more importantly feels more connected. Thanks lads, you keep posting and i'll keep watching.

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