Attitude Of Gratitude A Hallmark For Stewart Cink 

Some variation of the question is asked of the winner every week in tournament golf – what were you feeling as you won it? The emotions always tend to run a familiar gamut – joy, relief, shock, fear, fulfillment, pride, peace, etc.

Stewart Cink felt a wide range of emotions when he ended an 11-year drought with his victory a few weeks ago in the Safeway Championship in California. It was one emotion in particular, however, that stood out. You could see it all over his face as he played and as he talked about a result he wasn’t sure he would ever experience again.


Of course, every tour winner is grateful for all the things that must accumulate to reach that pinnacle of success in golf. They’ll often thank their “team” for its support if not go full NASCAR like Bryson DeChambeau and rotely rattle off every sponsor.

Cink’s gratitude was much deeper and more genuine – a thankfulness that washed over him in profound ways. Few ever illustrate it and explain it quite as well as Cink did that afternoon in the smokey Nap…

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