Are Wilson golf clubs ACTUALLY any good? (We test the new D9’s against other brands)

In this video we look to see if the new Wilson D9 Range stacks up against the competition as well as the buttery soft Wilson CB Model Forged Irons.

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31 thoughts on “Are Wilson golf clubs ACTUALLY any good? (We test the new D9’s against other brands)

  1. Just sold my 20yr old Wilson staff fatshaft irons for some new mizuno 921 forged. I did try the new Wilson d7 irons but the mizuno were just a touch nicer feeling.

  2. Dear Peter! Love your videos, however: please go back to your Scotty Putter (or anything else). This actual LAB Putter is ugly as hell, costs a fortune and your literally hole nothing 😉 Keep up the good work! greets from Austria

  3. Great video 👍🏻
    I really don’t think manufacturers should put iron numbers on their clubs but put loft degrees instead?

  4. I play the beautiful Taylormade P770’s, and think they are incredible, however I have tried the Wilson staff blades, and they are surprisingly easy to hit as well as looking stunning.

  5. Great content Pete, play the Wilson D250 irons as they were affordable at the time, do love crushing the mid irons further than golf buddies hybrids and fairway woods😉😉😉

  6. I bought the D7s last year in between lockdowns. At this stage of my golf (high handicapper looking to improve) I cant really justify going out and spending thousands on some clubs – so weighing up some reviews and some testing these seemed the right thing for me.
    For some reason I've always liked Wilson (who doesn't love an underdog) and the D7s feel brilliant when I find somewhere near the middle of the face 😂

  7. Currently playing C300 forged and are a great knock. Swing has improved a lot over last few years so still wishing I'd gone for the V6 irons but I will definitely be trying the CBs when uncle Boris allows us out again!

  8. Thanks Peter for featuring Wilson looking at D9 and Launchpad along with other brands and as a senior, high handicapper and on a budget then Wilson,
    Cobra and Mizuno come out on top. Other brands will have to be excellent to justify the huge prices.

  9. My first “proper” clubs were Wilson, always had a soft spot for them, I still have a Deep Red 2 3 wood in the bag, always think about replacing it because of the advances in technology but I just like it so much.

  10. I still have and use 30 odd year old Wilson 1200 Tr irons, I do think its time for a change and get fitted. I do now struggle hitting them, I think it is to do with age (my age)

  11. Have had 3 sets of Wilson irons over the years, great clubs for a fraction of the price of other brands. Could Carter not find a 10.5 driver to make it a more real test, it would have been a lot closer if he lost 40yards of the tee.

  12. Would you rather buy a new $289 driver or a second hand driver @ $289? OR what is available out there second hand @ $289 and how would that stack up against this new Wilson driver?

  13. I'm playing the starter Irons from Wilson the Pro Staff Sgi and the are pretty good in my opinion, the driver and the wood isn't this good of this Set (because of the flex they have used in the shaft) so I bought me an Nike Vapor fly Driver and a Callaway XR 5 wood👍🏻😉

  14. Is there a reason you wouldn't choose a big brand driver coming to the end of its product cycle over the Wilson as both would be a similar price and as we know there's a rarely much of a difference for most golfers between a new driver and one released couple of years ago

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