All the Gear: Why Stewart Golf’s new trolley was my favourite test of the year

Hannah Holden takes a closer look at the Stewart Golf Q Follow

If you are after a product that is going to bring an extra level of enjoyment to your game I don’t think you need to look any further than the new Q follow trolley from Stewart Golf. I test a lot of new golf gear and honestly this is the product I have enjoyed trying out the most in 2020.

For those not familiar with Stewart Golf, this is their seventh generation trolley and the follow setting means you can go fully hands-free out on the golf course.

A mixture of three-dimensional distance measurement technology and Bluetooth allows the trolley to follow you down the fairway giving you complete freedom out on the course.

So how does it stay stable out on the course? An innovative stabiliser is combined with a low centre of gravity to control the trolley even on undulating slopes and steep hills.

It also has bluetooth remote control options allowing you to control the trolley from up to 50 metres away and you can control it with the handle should you wish.

The structure are manufactured using a unique and lightweight microcellular composite structure. This provides extra strength thanks to its honeycomb like form. Each unit is completely hand built at their headquarters in Gloucestershire and has a unique carbon fibre finish.

Another great feature is the free smartphone app that lets you monitor your battery usage and remaining capacity in real time. No more worrying about if your battery is going to make it to the 18th.

I put the Stewart Golf Q Follow through its paces. Stay tuned for the full review coming very soon…

Available: Now
RRP: £1,759
More information: Stewart Golf website

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