Alhama Signature Jack Nicklaus Golf Course

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Alhama Signature Jack Nicklaus Golf Course with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru, Steve Buzza and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. Watch the tree golfers playing around this amazing signature golf course from Jack Nicklaus design. Hitting drivers off the tee and trying to find well kept fairways and hitting irons into some of the fastest greens they played on in the whole trip. Play your best golf with Mark’s golf videos full of instruction, tips, reviews and fun course vlogs.

Alhama Signature Jack Nicklaus Golf Course

36 thoughts on “Alhama Signature Jack Nicklaus Golf Course

  1. Beautiful looking course, looks like one of the more difficult tracks you've uploaded from your Portugal and Spain holidays. Good vlog!

  2. What's up with Steve's swing? Does he have pretty wide stance, or is it something else? Can't seem to see why I find that one so different to Mark and Rory their swings.

  3. So Mark which is your favourite,
    Mar Menor, El Valle, Saurines or Alhama?
    As a property owner in the region I am interested in a Pro Golfers view! Keep up the good work

  4. Is there no parkland course`s up that end of Spain although the course`s your showing are excellent and are my type of course they all seem to be similar desert type`s,There`s some super tracks down along the Costa del Sol older well established like Marbella Golf CC, Los Naranjos Rio Real try the longest hole on the south of Spain 698yds at Santana Golf CC and Finca Cortsen newer course`s.

  5. I thought the torture was over. All of us in the uk while u were there in the sun, lol good stuff mark keep the vids comming. 

  6. Great video Mark.  I love that style course.  Mr. Nicklaus has a certain way of camouflaging the area around his greens – rewarding accuracy while penalizing even slightly misdirected shots.

  7. Looking at the first hole and the name Jack Nicklaus I can already tell that the course wants you to play a tonne of fades.

  8. Great videos love the yourgolf venues just got to sort which one to
    Go to , later this year ,for our 1st lads abroad golf trip
    Keep up the good work if that's what you call it lol

  9. Are the Marshalls following you because your filming or is that the norm in Spain and Portugal? I think it would me off having them watching every 5 minutes?!

  10. I have watched a lot of videos of Mark. He is condescending and not positive with the people he plays with, which I feel is essential of sportsmanship. I'm not sure why people finish a round with him, better off without. I'd not allow a self loathing, 'pretending to egg you on' but full of mind play character full of false praise & himself, which he is anywhere near me in the club house over a beer – forget making do a few hours on the course

  11. I have heard that grass called "cooch grass " looks dead during the winter but it is just like a thick carpet to play off, in the summer when it is green it is not as nice

  12. This was a very testing golf course indeed, what with its tight landing areas and slick-as-fudge greens. You guys are obviously tremendously gifted – and if I may even dare say world-class – golfers who played extremely well as evidenced on this video. Played here 9 years ago with my best buddy. I was only able to shoot +53 that time, and took almost 6 hours to complete. Took countless desert excursions to play my shots. My only consolation is that I was able to enjoy the golf course to the fullest extent. Will definitely go back at the earliest opportunity.

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